The Guitar Style Resource

The Guitar Style Resource
A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring New Techniques and Styles from Heavy Metal to Jazz

By Raleigh Green Guitar Book & CD Item: 00-39292
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You've learned the basics of guitar, so now it's time to explore new styles and techniques to help you become a well-rounded and more knowledgeable player. With The Guitar Style Resource, you will be exposed to a variety of musical influences that will help you create a unique, original, and exciting sound. Using examples based on actual songs, you will learn the essential elements of various styles. Learn about important players and understand what goes into creating a great guitar part. Dig in and explore new concepts that will unleash your inner musical potential. The included CD clearly demonstrates the musical examples in the book.

* Explore a wide variety of styles from rock and reggae to classical and funk
* Learn about the styles and recordings of pioneering players
* Master techniques such as fingerstyle, palm muting, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bending
* Covers acoustic and electric guitar technique
* Includes sample licks and tips on soloing

Sample Pages


Basic Notation and Theory
CHAPTER ONE: The Guitar Styles Toolbox
Lesson 1: Simplifying the Fretboard
Lesson 2: The Octave Pattern
Lesson 3: The CAGED System
Lesson 4: Simplifying the CAGED System
Lesson 5: Movable Fretboard Shapes
Lesson 6: Using Scale Degrees to Build Chords
CHAPTER TWO: Rock Guitar
Lesson 1: Palm Muting
Lesson 2: Rock Chords
Muting and Barring on the Fretboard
Lesson 3: Rock Chord Shapes
Lesson 4: Rock Chord Progressions
Voice-Leading Labyrinth
Three-String Strum
Sweet Molasses
Lesson 5: Rock Chord Embellishments
Lesson 6: Soloing in a Rock Style
Lesson 1: Roman Numerals
Lesson 2: The 12-Bar Blues
Basic 12-Bar Blues
The Chile's Gone
Lesson 3: The Blues Shuffle
The Troubled 8-Bar Shuffle
Stevie's Shuffle
Lesson 4: The 12/8 Blues
Cloudy Day Blues
Lesson 5: Soloing in a Blues Style
CHAPTER FOUR: Acoustic Guitar
Lesson 1: Slash Chords and the Bass/Strum
Afternoon Again
Lesson 2: The Quintessential Strum
Half a Strum to Play
A Twist of Lime
Lesson 3: The Muted Strum
Fret-Hand Mute
Take a Seat
Moments Like Those
Lesson 4: Tricky Strumming Simplified
Lesson 5: Acoustic Soloing
CHAPTER FIVE: Fingerstyle Guitar
Lesson 1: Pick Your Variation
Lesson 2: Fingerpicking Potential
Passenger Pigeon
Lesson 3: Travis Picking
Travis Rag
Lesson 4: Melodic Fingerpicking
Fingerpicking Paradise
CHAPTER SIX: Classical Guitar
Lesson 1: Posture and Positioning
Lesson 2: Classical Fingerpicking
Lesson 3: The Renaissance and Baroque Periods
Cello Suite No. 1 (Prelude)
Minuet in G
Lesson 4: The Classical Period
Etude in A Minor
Allegro in G
Prelude in C
Lesson 5: Flamenco Guitar
Rapid Rasgueados
Flamenco Fingers Flying
CHAPTER SEVEN: Metal and Shred Guitar
Lesson 1: Metal Rhythm
Lesson 2: Tremolo Picking
Lesson 3: Drop D and Odd-Time Riffs
Lesson 4: Neo-Classical Metal
Malmsteen Madness
Lesson 5: Shredding Tricks
CHAPTER EIGHT: Reggae and Ska Guitar
Lesson 1: Reggae Chord Voicings
Lesson 2: Reggae Rhythm Chops
Lesson 3: Single-Note Syncopations
Rastafari Police
Lesson 4: Third Wave Ska
Don't Come Toasting
More Than Inspired
Dr. Bosstone
Reel Big Sale
Lesson 1: Single-Note Funk Lines
Funky Strut
Lesson 2: The Chicken Scratch
Feeling Funky
Lesson 3: Building Chord Extensions
Lesson 4: Funky Rhythm Guitar
Theme Park Funk
Bag of Potatoes
Funk Machine
Super Funky
CHAPTER TEN: Jazz Guitar
Lesson 1: Jazz Chord Progressions
How New the Key
Chords in the Afternoon
Some Keys You Play
Lesson 2: Soloing Over ii-V-I Progressions
Lesson 3: Jazz Blues & Walking Bass
Bop Blues Stroll
Lesson 4: Soloing Over a Jazz Blues
Bebop Blues Solo
Lesson 5: Jazz Chord Inversions
Fall Inversions
Lesson 6: Adding Color to Your Chords
Lesson 7: Latin Jazz
How Syncopated
Lesson 8: Modal Jazz
Modal Impression
Lesson 9: Modal Jazz Soloing
Tonal Modal
Lesson 10: Jazz Soloing Strategies
Outward Inclination
Yellow Noon
Not Just Acquaintances
Guitar Fretboard Chart

Additional Information

Series: Style Resource Series
Author: Raleigh Green
Instrument: Guitar
Format: Book & CD
Page Count: 96
Item Number: 00-39292
ISBN 10: 0-7390-8908-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-7390-8908-8
UPC: 038081439846

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