The Complete Jazz Keyboard Method: Beginning Jazz Keyboard

The Complete Jazz Keyboard Method: Beginning Jazz Keyboard

By Noah Baerman Keyboard/Piano Book & Online Video/Audio Item: 00-45921
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Anyone with basic keyboard skills (equivalent to Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Lesson Book 2) can dig right in and begin learning jazz right away. From the major scale and basic triad theory all the way through to 7th chords, pentatonic scales, and modulating chord progressions, this book covers it all and features a full etude or tune demonstrating every new concept introduced. Beginning Jazz Keyboard breaks the age-old tradition of dry and confusing jazz books to provide a step-by-step, enjoyable method for learning to play jazz.

Includes online video lessons and MP3 audio demonstrations of the examples in the book.

Sample Pages


Chapter 1---Review
Rhythm and Time Signature
Interval Inversion
Key Signatures
The Circle of 5ths
Major Scales
Natural Minor Scales
Harmonic Minor Scales
Chapter 2---Intro to Harmony
In Harmony
Twilight in Sandy Hook
Diatonic Harmony
Chord Function and Chord Progressions
Ton Doo
Lead Sheets
Ton Doo (Lead Sheet Style)
Minor Harmony
Nellie's Woe (Lead Sheet Style)
Nellie's Woe
Blues Progressions
Purple Blues (Lead Sheet Style)
Purple Blues
Chapter 3---Feel, Scales and Soloing
Swing Feel
Soloing with the Major Scale
Sponge on a Stick
The Major Pentatonic Scale
Fatha Fatha
Solo on Fatha Fatha
The Minor Pentatonic Scale
Embellishing a Melody
Basie's Minor Boogie
The Blues Scale
Two and Four
Yes, Les McCann Can
Chapter 4---Intro to Four-Note Chords
6th Chords
Inversions of 7th and 6th Chords
All You Need Is Seven
Diatonic Harmony with 7th Chords
A Jog Around the Block
Minor Harmony with 7th Chords
95¼ in the Shade
Chapter 5---Voicing 7th Chords
Voice Leading
Well, How About Bridgeport?
Lead Sheets with 7th Chords
Bouncin' with Bill E (Lead Sheet Style)
Bouncin' with Bill E
Shell Voicings
Bouncin' with Bill E (Shell Voicings)
Bebop Style Left-Hand Voicings
Bouncin' with Bill E (Bebop Style Left-Hand Voicings)
Rootless Left-Hand Voicings
Bouncin' with Bill E (Rootless Left-Hand Voicings)
Rootless Shell Voicings
Bouncin' with Bill E (Rootless Shell Voicings)
Bouncin' with Bill E (Sample Solo with Comping)
All Hail the King
Tommy's Touch
Chapter 6---Scales and Soloing, Part Two
Harmonic Analysis
Pebble Hill
Brother Jack and Sister Shirley
Harmonic Analysis in Minor Keys
Blue Drew
Natural Minor vs Harmonic Minor: The Choice
Mingus Reincarnated
Progressions with Modulations
Bright Red
You Neeque
You Neeque (Sample Solo)
Memorizing Changes
Transposing Changes
Señor Ruiz
Chapter 7---More Soloing
Melodic Scale Patterns
Mixing It Up
Wonder-ful (Sample Solo #1)
Wonder-ful (Sample Solo #2 with Comping)
Chapter 8---Afterword
Ear Training
Types of Keyboards

Additional Information

Series: Complete Method
Author: Noah Baerman
Instrument: Keyboard/Piano
Format: Book & Online Video/Audio
Page Count: 96
Item Number: 00-45921
ISBN 10: 1-4706-3516-X
ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-3516-9
UPC: 038081521640

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