The Complete Jazz Guitar Method: Beginning Jazz Guitar

The Complete Jazz Guitar Method: Beginning Jazz Guitar

By Jody Fisher Guitar Book & Online Video/Audio Item: 00-20423
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You don't need to have a doctorate in jazz to sound like you do. This series by brilliant performer and educator Jody Fisher teaches you the concepts, techniques and theory specific to jazz and how to apply them to both lead and rhythm guitar playing. Book: 96 pages. Video running time: 1 hr 10 min.

Sample Pages


About the Author
Open Position Chords
Barre Chords
Reading Music
Blues Progression and Strumming
Pentatonic Scale Fingerings
Lesson 1A: Basic Theory
The Chromatic Scale
The Major Scale
Key Signatures
The Cycle of 4ths (or 5ths)
Reading Roman Numerals
Lesson 1B: Major Scale Fingerings
Lesson 2A: Triad Theory & Root Position Fingerings
Major Triad Theory
Major Triad Inversions
Minor, Diminished, and Augmented Triads --- and Their Inversions
The Four Basic String Sets
Root Position Triad Fingerings
Etude No. 1: Root Position Triads
Lesson 2B: Two More Major Scale Fingerings
Lesson 3A: First-Inversion Triads on Four String Sets
Etude No. 2: First-Inversion Triads
Lesson 3B: Two More Major Scale Fingerings
Lesson 4A: Second-Inversion Triads on the Four String Sets
Etude No. 3: Second-Inversion Triads
Lesson 4B: Major Scale Etude
Etude No. 4: The Major Scale
Lesson 1A: Constructing Larger Chords
How Larger Chord Formulas Work
Inverting Larger Chords
Lesson 1B: Major Scale Etude
Etude No. 5: The Major Scale
Lesson 2A: 6th Chords
Major 6th Chords
Minor 6th Chords
Etude No. 6: 6th Chords
Lesson 2B: Connecting Major Scales
Lesson 3A: 7th Chords
Major 7th Chords
Minor 7th Chords
Dominant 7th Chords
Etude No. 7: 7th Chords
Lesson 3B: Three-Octave Scales
Lesson 4A: 9th Chords
Extensions & Chord Families
Major 9th Chords
Minor 9th Chords
Dominant 9th Chords
Etude No. 8: 9th Chords
Etude No. 9: More 9th Chords
Lesson 4B: More Three-Octave Scales
Lesson 5A: Other Chords You Need to Know
Minor 11th Chords
Dominant 11th Chords
Major 13th Chords
Minor 13th Chords
Dominant 13th Chords
Major Add9 Chords
Minor Add9 Chords
Min7Flat5 (Half-Diminished) Chords
Diminished 7th Chords
Dominant 7th Suspended Chords
Minor/Ma7 Chords
Dominant 7th Augmented Chords
Etude No. 10: More Chords
Lesson 5B: Two Tunes Using the Major Scale
Noah's Groove
Blues for Maggie
Lesson 1A: The Harmonized Major Scale
Lesson 1B: Improvising with the Major Scale
What It's All About
Diatonic Thinking
Lesson 2A: Major Chord Scales
Lesson 2B: Two Tunes Based on the Major Scale
Ruby, My Deerfly
Fly Like a Beagle
Lesson 3A: More Major Chord Scales
Lesson 3B: Two More Tunes Based on the Major Scale
Noisy Nights
The Creature
Lesson 4A: More Major Chord Scales
Lesson 4B: Two More Tunes Based on the Major Scale
Julie in Wonderland
Samba de Shauna
Lesson 1A: Roman Numerals and Transposition
Lesson 1B: Modes of the Major Scale --- The Basics
Lesson 2A: More About Roman Numerals and Transposition
Lesson 2B: Modes of the Major Scale --- Parallel-Approach Fingerings
D Dorian
E Phrygian
F Lydian
G Mixolydian
A Aeolian
B Locrian
Practice Progressions
Lesson 3A: Vertical Chord Scales
Lesson 3B: Modes of the Major Scale --- Derivative Approach
Lesson 4A: More Vertical Chord Scales
Lesson 4B: Two Modal Tunes
Nosh 4 Josh
Chocolate Tuna Enchiladas
Lesson 5A: More Vertical Chord Scales
Lesson 5B: Two Modal/Diatonic Tunes
Blue Tofu
How Jazz Works
Basic Left- and Right-Hand Technique
Basic Strumming Technique
Fingerstyle Chords
Pick and Fingers Technique
The Value of Practicing Slowly
Learning Difficult Chords and Changing Chords
Learning Scales Two Strings at a Time
The Value of Locked Positions
Practicing the Major Scales
Limiting Rhythmic Options
Using Melodic Patterns
Form: Using an Opening, Body, and Conclusion
Form Based on Motif and Variation
The Use of Repetition in Your Solos
Tag Ending (Afterword)

Additional Information

Series: Complete Method
Author: Jody Fisher
Instrument: Guitar
Format: Book & Online Video/Audio
Page Count: 96
Item Number: 00-20423
ISBN 10: 0-7390-2406-X
ISBN 13: 978-0-7390-2406-5
UPC: 038081195582

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