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Soloing over Changes

Soloing over Changes
The Ultimate Guide to Improvising with Scales over Chords on the Guitar

By Jody Fisher Guitar Book & Online Audio Item: 00-44739
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If you want to be able to play a great guitar solo over any chord progression, you have come to the right place. Master guitarist, teacher, and best-selling author Jody Fisher unlocks the secrets to how scales work with chords in this comprehensive book.

Conveniently organized into two sections, the first part of the book breaks down scale and chord theory in a simple, step-by-step manner that is easy to understand. The second part is a handy, comprehensive chord and scale finder that allows you to cross-reference scales with chords and vice versa. Access to accompanying online demonstration and play-along tracks is also included. A must-have for any guitarist, Soloing over Changes is the ultimate scale and chord resource.

"A great resource for every aspiring guitar improvisor"---George Benson

"Jody Fisher has somehow covered it all . . . for any guitarist desiring to take their improvising to the next level."---Carl Verheyen

Sample Pages


About the Author
Book Organization
How to Use This Book
PART 1: Learning and Using Scales
Chapter 1
What Is a Scale?
The Chromatic Scale
Major-Scale Fundamentals
Major-Scale Fingerings
Chapter 2 How to Learn Scales
Practicing Scales
Chapter 3 How to Use Scales for Improvisation
Chapter 4 Targeting Chord Tones in Scales
Chapter 5 Developing Melodic Ideas from Scales
Chapter 6
Now What?
The Natural Minor Scale
The Harmonic Minor Scale
The Melodic Minor Scale
Other Important Scales for Altered Chords
Very Important Information
Content Details for Part 2
PART 2: Scales Over Chords
Major Chords (Unaltered)
Major Chords (Altered)
Dominant Chords (Unaltered)
Dominant Chords (Altered)
Augmented Triads
Minor Chords
Diminished Chords
Quartal-3 Chords
Major Chords (Unaltered)
Major, 6, Maj7, Maj9, and Maj13 Chords
Major Chords (Altered)
Maj7#5 Chords
Maj7b5, Maj7#11, and Maj9#11 Chords
Maj7#5#11 Chords
Dominant Chords (Unaltered)
7, 9, 11, 13, and 7sus4 Chords
Dominant Chords (Altered)
7b5 Chords
7#5 and 9#5 Chords
7b9, 13b9, and 7#9 Chords
7b5b9, 7b5#9, 13#9#11, and 7#5#9 Chords
7#5b9 Chords
9#11 and 13#11 Chords
Augmented Triads
Minor Chords
Minor Triads
min6 Chords
min7 Chords
min9 Chords
min11 Chords
min13 Chords
min(Maj7) Chords
Diminished Chords
dim, dim7, and min7b5 (half-diminished) Chords
Quartal-3 Chords
Aeolian (Natural Minor)
Blues Scale
Diminished, Whole-Half
Dorian b2
Harmonic Minor
Harmonic Minor, 7th Mode
Ionian #5
Locrian #2
Locrian #6
Lydian #2
Lydian Augmented
Lydian b3b7
Lydian b7
Major Pentatonic
Major Pentatonic (from the 9th)
Melodic Minor
Minor Pentatonic
Mixolydian b6
Natural Minor (Aeolian)
Phrygian Dominant
Super Locrian
Whole Tone

Additional Information

Author: Jody Fisher
Instrument: Guitar
Format: Book & Online Audio
Page Count: 96
Item Number: 00-44739
ISBN 10: 1-4706-2764-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-2764-5
UPC: 038081508511

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