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Premier Piano Course Lesson Books 3-6

Premier Online Assistant

Levels 3-6

Premier Online Assistant is a resource to support teachers and students who are using Alfred's Premier Piano Course method. In these short videos, co-author Gayle Kowalchyk explains concepts from each page of the method in a concise way.

Level 3: Syncopation

Page 13—Gayle Kowalchyk introduces the concept of syncopation from Lesson Book 3.

Level 4: Alberti Bass

Page 20—Gayle Kowalchyk introduces Alberti Bass from Lesson Book 4.

Level 5: Sharp Key Signatures

Page 22—Gayle Kowalchyk introduces sharp key signatures from Lesson Book 5.

Level 6: Diatonic Triads

Page 30—Gayle Kowalchyk introduces diatonic triads from Lesson Book 6

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