Practical Theory, Complete

Practical Theory, Complete

By Sandy Feldstein Spiral-Bound Textbook Item: 00-1998
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A combination text and workbook in three volumes. All areas of music theory are covered in a concise and practical manner and each level contains 28 lessons.

Sample Pages


Lesson 1: The Staff
Lesson 2: The Treble Clef and Staff
Lesson 3: The Bass Clef and Staff
Lesson 4: Review of Lessons 1--3
Lesson 5: Whole---Half---Quarter Notes
Lesson 6: Measures---Bar Lines---Double Bar Lines
Lesson 7: Time Signatures and Note Values
Lesson 8: Review of Lessons 5--7
Lesson 9: The Grand Staff
Lesson 10: Leger Lines
Lesson 11: Whole---Half---Quarter Rests
Lesson 12: Review of Lessons 9--11
Lesson 13: Another Time Signature
Lesson 14: Another Time Signature
Lesson 15: The Dotted Half Note
Lesson 16: Review of Lessons 13--15
Lesson 17: Ties and Slurs
Lesson 18: Repeat Signs
Lesson 19: First and Second Endings
Lesson 20: Review of Lessons 17--19
Lesson 21: Eighth Notes
Lesson 22: Eighth Rest
Lesson 23: Dotted Quarter Notes
Lesson 24: Review of Lessons 21--23
Lesson 25: Flat
Lesson 26: Sharp
Lesson 27: Natural
Lesson 28: Review of Lessons 25--27
Lesson 29: Whole and Half Steps
Lesson 30: Chromatic Scale
Lesson 31: The Major Scale
Lesson 32: Review of Lessons 29--31
Lesson 33: More Major Scales (F & G)
Lesson 34: Other Major Scales (B-flat, E-flat, D, A)
Lesson 35: Key Signatures
Lesson 36: Review of Lessons 33--35
Lesson 37: Circle of Fifths (Major Sharp Keys)
Lesson 38: Circle of Fifths (Major Flat Keys)
Lesson 39: Circle of Fifths (All Major Keys)
Lesson 40: Review of Lessons 37--39
Lesson 41: Dynamics
Lesson 42: D.C. and D.S., Coda and Fine
Lesson 43: Tempo Markings and Other Musical Symbols
Lesson 44: Review of Lessons 41--43
Lesson 45: Sixteenth Notes
Lesson 46: Sixteenth Rests
Lesson 47: Dotted Eighth Notes
Lesson 48: Review of Lessons 45--47
Lesson 49: Intervals
Lesson 50: Diatonic Intervals
Lesson 51: Chromatic Intervals
Lesson 52: Review of Lessons 49--51
Lesson 53: More Time Signatures
Lesson 54: Another Way to Count
Lesson 55: Triplets, Syncopation
Lesson 56: Review of Lessons 53--55
Lesson 57: Major Chords---Major Triads
Lesson 58: Chords Related to a Key
Lesson 59: Chord Progressions
Lesson 60: Review of Lessons 57--59
Lesson 61: Dominant Seventh Chord
Lesson 62: Inversions
Lesson 63: Inversions of the Dominant Seventh Chord
Lesson 64: Review of Lessons 61--63
Lesson 65: Transposition
Lesson 66: Other Triads---Minor
Lesson 67: Other Chords---Augmented and Diminished
Lesson 68: Review of Lessons 65--67
Lesson 69: Another Chord Progression
Lesson 70: More on Inversions
Lesson 71: More Transposition
Lesson 72: Review of Lessons 69--71
Lesson 73: Relative Minor Key Signatures---Natural Minor
Lesson 74: Harmonic Minor
Lesson 75: Melodic Minor
Lesson 76: Review of Lessons 73--75
Lesson 77: Harmonizing a Melody
Lesson 78: Passing Tones and Neighboring Tones
Lesson 79: Composing a Melody
Lesson 80: Review of Lessons 77--79
Lesson 81: Chord Progressions in Minor Keys
Lesson 82: Harmonizing a Melody in Minor
Lesson 83: Composing a Melody in Minor
Lesson 84: Review of Lessons 81--83
Manuscript Paper
Answers to Review Questions

Additional Information

Author: Sandy Feldstein
Format: Spiral-Bound Book
Page Count: 96
Item Number: 00-1998
ISBN 10: 0-88284-225-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-88284-225-7
UPC: 038081006130

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