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Wynn-Anne Rosi

Jazz Piano Tips with Wynn-Anne Rossi

Join Wynn-Anne on a journey through jazz history that will help you and your students make your own jazzy music at the piano.

Each episode includes:

  • Colorful stories that bring jazz history to life
  • Information on the characters of different jazz styles
  • Examples of each style from the Jazzin' Americana series
  • A simple improvisation activity to try yourself and share with your students

Jazz Piano Tips

This crash course will uncover bits of jazz history, present aspects of jazz styles, and provide easy improvistaion exercises to get you and your students playing jazz piano.

Crazy Chops

Wynn-Anne Rossi plays "Crazy Chops" from Jazzin' Americana for Two, Book 1, with piano teacher Heidi Smith, and provides pedagogical tips for teaching jazz scales.

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Discover the origins of ragtime, and watch as Wynn-Anne Rossi teaches Heidi how to improvise on "Pioneer Rag."

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Learn some fun facts about the history of the blues, then dive into a fun, simple improv exercise!

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New Orleans Jazz

Learn all about New Orleans, hot jazz, Louis Armstrong, and the ii-V-I progression.

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Swing Music

Step inside the Savoy Ballroom as Wynn-Anne covers swing music, battles of the bands, and more improv!

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Swing Music, Part 2

Learn fun facts about Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and more swing!

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Explore the high energy world of bebop! Learn about Charlie "Bird" Parker, and try an improv exercise over the ii-V-I progression!

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Thelonious Monk

Learn about the personality, influence, and style of Thelonious Monk, and try this chromatic improv exercise.

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Piano Greats

What do Art Tatum, McCoy Tyner, and Bud Powell have in common? They're all jazz piano greats.

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Tough Times

In this episode, Wynn-Anne explores the question "Do pain and hardship improve artistry?"

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Latin Jazz

Explore the wonderful world of Latin Jazz and try a brand new improv exercise.

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Classics Meet Jazz

What happens when classical and jazz musicians borrow from each other?

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West Coast Cool Jazz

Discover the world of modal jazz, the contributions of Miles Davis, and try this new improv exercise!

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Hard Bop

Learn about the characteristics of hard bop, the heavy hitters, and a new improv exercise.

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