Finale® Primer: 2014 Edition

Finale® Primer: 2014 Edition
Mastering the Art of Music Notation with Finale

By Bill Purse Book Item: 00-42833
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This comprehensive reference manual unravels all the intricacies of Finale 2014, for Windows and Mac platforms. Finale Primer: 2014 Edition helps you set up, edit, reformat, and reorganize your notation into a musical masterpiece. This fully illustrated step-by-step guide offers exercises, projects, creative ideas, and power-user tips that will improve your speed and help you become a Finale expert. This book is indispensable whether you're arranging an existing piece of music or creating an original work.

This easy-to-use book includes:
* Cross-platform instructions for both Macintosh and Windows
* Tips to get the most out of Finale's powerful features such as HyperScribe, the Graphics Tool, and MusicScore Lite
* Special sections on creative applications of Finale

Sample Pages


About the Author
Chapter 1-Getting Started: Finale Basics
Document Setup Wizard
Document Setup Wizard, Select Instrument(s)
Document Setup Wizard, "Score Information"
Document Setup Wizard, "Score Settings"
How to Create a Pickup Measure
Default Document
Building Finale Navigational Skills
Opening an Existing Document
Finale Power Tools and Shortcuts
The Message Bar / Status Bar
Help and the Built-in Manual
A Look at the Main Tool Palette
Reconfiguring the Main Tool Palette
Selecting Tools from the Palette
Measure Control
Viewing the Score
Page View
Scroll View
Redrawing the Screen
Scaling the View
View Techniques
Viewing Multiple Windows
Cascade Windows
Tile Windows
Closing All Windows
Saving Your Work
Saving to Your Disk and to Other Locations
Auto Save
Saving as an Audio File
Closing, Opening, and Quitting Files
Open as Template
Chapter 1 Summary
Chapter 1 Projects
Project 1-1
Project 1-2
Project 1-3
Project 1-4
Chapter 2-The Finale Toolbox and ScoreManager
The Staff Tool
Menu-Activated Staff Commands
Adding Staves
Editing Staves
Selecting Multiple Staves
Edit Staff Attributes
Behaviors and Items to Display Options
Independent Elements
Instrument List Dialog Box
Instrument List Dialog Box
Working with Staff Settings in the ScoreManager
Transposing Instruments and Finale
Transposing Instruments
Choosing the Number of Staff Lines
The Groups and Brackets Command
Group and Staff Names
Grouping Staves with the Staff Tool
Editing Brackets
Nested Brackets
Removing and Deleting Brackets
Edit Group Attributes
Hiding Empty Staves
Creating and Selecting Staff Sets
Programming Staff Sets
Selecting Staff Sets
The Key Signature Tool
The Time Signature Tool
Setting the Time Signature
Changing the Time Signature
Working with Complex and Composite Time Signatures
Programming a Time Signature Metatool
Using a Time Signature Metatool
The Measure Tool
The Zoom Tool
The Hand Grabber Tool
How to Create Large Time Signatures
Chapter 2 Summary
Chapter 2 Projects
Project 2-1
Project 2-6
Chapter 3-Simple Entry
Creating a Single Staff Score
Entering Notes
Simple Menu Command and Simple Entry Options
Simple Menu Options
Simple Entry Options
Erasing Notes
Moving Notes
Hiding Notes
Flipping Stems
Dotted and Tied Notes
Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Note Entry
Tool Shortcuts
Mouse-Free Simple Entry Input
Editing the Score
Playing Back the Score
Additional Playback Controls
Simple Entry Rest Input
Special Score Considerations
Editing Triplets and Tuplets
Accidental Tools
The Grace Note Tool
Entering Chords
Tied Notes
Using The Repitch Tool
Smart Shapes
Alternate Meter and Note Beaming
Alternate Notation
For All Staff Measures in a Score
For Partial Staff Measures in a Score
Metatool Preassignments
Creating a Pickup or Anacrusis Measure
Chapter 3 Summary
Chapter 3 Projects
Project 3-1
Project 3-2
Project 3-3
Project 3-4
Project 3-5
Chapter 4-Speedy Entry
Setting Up Speedy Entry
Note Input
Testing for MIDI Signal
MIDI Input
Correcting Mistakes
Moving from Measure to Measure
Using the Caps Lock Key with Speedy Entry
Editing with the Speedy Entry Keypad
Changing a Note's Duration
Changing a Note's Pitch
Deleting and Restoring a Note
Creating Chords
Entering Chord Notes
Deleting Chord Notes
Entering Accidentals
Enharmonic Spellings
Hiding Accidentals and Courtesy Accidentals
Inserting Notes or Rests
Layering with Speedy Entry Input
Selecting Display Colors
Building a Single Staff Score with Speedy Entry
Multiple Measure Copy
Selecting Several Measures by Shift-Clicking
Copying Music to Offscreen Targets
Speedy Entry Shortcuts
Adding Articulations
Metatools Revisited
Adding Dynamics
Adding Smart Shapes
Erasing Music
Formatting Measures
Adding Blank Measures at the End of a Document
Removing Measures
Measure Numbers
Removing Measure Numbers from a Staff
Moving a Measure Number
Measure Repeat Signs
The Repeat Tool
Chapter 4 Summary
Chapter 4 Projects
Project 4-1A and 4-1B
Project 4-2
Project 4-3
Project 4-4
Project 4-5
Composer's Corner
Using the Key Signature Tool for Modal Variations
Chapter 5-Creating a Lead Sheet
Modifying Barlines
Entering Lyrics into a Score
Type into Score Lyric Entry
Editing Lyrics
Click Assignment Lyric Entry
Editing Lyrics Shortcuts
Click Assignment for Lyrics
Adding Word Extensions
Additional Lyric Menu Options
Adjust Syllables
Clone Lyric
Shift Lyrics
Contextual Menu Editing
Chord Symbols and the Chord Tool
Chord Symbol Entry Methods
Preparing to Enter Chord Symbols
MIDI Shortcuts
One-Staff Analysis
Chord Styles
Two-Staff Analysis
Moving and Deleting Chord Symbols
Transposing Chord Symbols
Copying Chords from One Region to Another
Fretboard Diagrams
Entering Fretboard Diagrams
Removing Fretboard Diagrams
Moving Fretboard Diagrams
Add/Remove Capo Chords Dialog Box
Final Touches on "Bill Bailey"
The Text Tool
The Page Layout Tool
Chapter 5 Summary
Chapter 5 Project
The Composer's Corner
Chapter 6-The Final Score
6-A Entering the Score: Bach Chorale
Page Layout Tool and Printing
Working with the Page Layout Tool
Viewing the Layout
Page Size
Page Margins
Staff Systems
Hiding Staves
Moving a Measure to a Different Line in Page View
Insert Page Break and Delete Page Break
Creating a Title
Adding Text
Creating Parts from a Score
Extract Parts
Percentage Tool
Document > Edit Score, Edit Parts
Printing Basics
Creating a Landscape or Portrait Score
Chapter 6 Summary
Chapter 6 Projects
Chapter 6 Composer's Corner
Parallel Universe Concept
Chapter 7-Special Notation for Guitar and Percussion
Special Guitar Notation
Creating Guitar Tablature
Creating Tablature
Editing TAB with Simple Entry
Editing TAB with the Selection Tool
Creating Fingerings
Using the Fretboard Editor with Finale
Placing Chords and Fretboards into a Score
Showing and Hiding Fretboards on Individual Chords
To Remove All Fretboard Diagrams
Chord Charts with Lyrics
Working with Libraries
Special Percussion Notation
Drum Groove Plug-in
Entering Percussion with Finale 2014
Adding a Syncopated Rhythm to a Drum Set Part
Chapter 7 Guitar Summary
Chapter 7 Guitar Projects
Project 7-1
Project 7-2
Project 7-3
Chapter 7 Percussion Summary
Chapter 7 Percussion Projects
Project 7-4
Project 7-5
Project 7-6
Project 7-7
Composer's Corner
Creating Dynamic Metronome Markings in a Score
Creating a Metronome Marking after the Initial Measure
Chapter 8-HyperScribe, SmartScore, Graphics Tool, and Plug-ins
Transcribing with Music Split into Two Staves
Using SmartScore Lite with Finale
Scanning the Score
OMR with SmartScore
Exporting a Finale Selection to Text or Graphics Processors
Special Finale Plug-in Primer
Create Coda System Plug-in
Score System Divider Plug-in
Power User Tip
Creating Tempo Markings That Work
Global Staff Attributes Plug-in
Chapter 8 Summary
Chapter 8 Project
Project 8-1
Composer's Corner
Fit to Time
Appendix A-Creating a New Finale Default File
Appendix B-Using Special Notational Fonts
Appendix C-Finale Journal Finale Journal
Metatool Assignments and Staff Set Programing
Metatool Assignments
Staff Set Programming Instrument Views
Appendix D-Finale Library Journal
Finale Library Journal (library type and elements) Part 1
Finale Library Journal (library type and elements) Part 2
Bibliography for Further Study
Additional Books on Finale
Articles on Music Notation
Books on Music Notation
Books on Computers and Music Education
Electronic Music and Music References

Additional Information

Author: Bill Purse
Format: Book
Page Count: 296
Item Number: 00-42833
ISBN 10: 1-4706-1635-1
ISBN 13: 978-1-4706-1635-9
UPC: 038081485232

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