Essentials of Music Theory Software Updates

Please enter your serial number to update to the current version EMT3.10.

If your current version of EMT3 is 3.03 or below you will need to uninstall your product before updating. No user data will be lost when uninstalling. To see your current version of the software click on the “Register Software” button from the main menu. Here it will list the current version of the software you are running. To install the latest EMT3 update save and run the EMT3 Installer file that will download once you have submitted your serial number. When the installer asks "Would you like to replace the currently installed version with this one?" click replace. To download an updated version of the User Guide, please click here.

Installation Video

Version History

3.01 - Fixed network install and path issues.
3.02 - Fixed all drag and drop lessons. - Fixed rounding to round to whole number percentages. - User Scores tab changed to show the most recent score rather than an average of all of attempts (All attempts are still recorded in the user log). - User can now pass lessons/reviews with the most recent score only needing to be higher than the pass limit (before average was used). - Updated to use Adobe Air 1.5.3.
3.03 - Fix to remove status message after completion – Fixed Mac Network version not showing scores. - Fixed bug for system option saving. - Modify installation of EMT3 to prevent closing application while copying content to new location. - Fixed disappearing user details bug.
3.04 – Fixed bug when adding new group. – Fixed network installation and activation bug for PC. - Fixed bug for network paths for MAC network installs when curriculum path is changed. - Fixed student import from text file.
3.05 – Bug fixed for unit 11 review section C. - Fixed bug for disappearing username when activating the product.
3.06 – Fixed bug with missing images in Unit 2 Review on mac. - Fixed review results write error. - Fixed lesson 54g and 54h from unit 13.
3.07 – Fixed bug with negative scores being recorded.
3.08 – Bugs fixed with the following lessons: 22a, 23a, and Unit 6 Review Section B.
3.09 – Fixed bug with missing images in Unit 4 Review on Mac.
3.10 – Fixed goal counter positioning. - Fixed drag and drop issues on Unit 16 Ear Training B and D.

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