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Wynn-Anne Rossi

Composition Tips with Wynn-Anne Rossi

Unlock the mysteries of creativity!

Over the course of this video series, composer Wynn-Anne Rossi provides sparks of inspiration, practical tips, and creative exercises to help build creative muscles for composing music.

"Please keep creating new music. The world is a better place, thanks to you."—Wynn-Anne Rossi

Music Composition Tips

Learn how to unlock the mysteries of creativity!

Utilizing Musical Limitations

Turn musical limitations—such as the range of your instrument—into a creative advantage! This exercise will help you utilize the full range of your instrument when composing music.

Creating Creature Sounds

Composer Wynn-Anne Rossi introduces an exercise for translating animal habits into sounds on your instrument.

Non-Traditional Music Notation

Quickly and effectively notate musical ideas while remaining in a creative, non-technical headspace.

Portraying Emotion Through Music

Explore ways in which you can portray emotion through the notes you choose when composing music.

Daily Creative Exercises

Keep your creative wheels turning on a regular basis by making time to be creative every day.

Rhythmic Signatures

Identify and create your own rhythmic signatures within compositions.


Add some "grit" to your music using dissonant intervals and harmonies in your compositions!

Making Melodies from Scales

Create melodies to bring your imagination to life!

Music and Color

Add some color to your original compositions.


Learn which notes and intervals to stack to create the perfect harmonies in your compositions.

Repeats & Patterns

Help your compositions become more memorable by using repeats and patterns!

Borrowing Brilliance

Create your own compositions based on ideas from composers you admire.

Wow Your Audience

Make your original compositions "flashy" by using certain playable tricks on your instrument.

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