Alfred's Piano 101: Book 2

Alfred's Piano 101: Book 2
An Exciting Group Course for Adults Who Want to Play Piano for Fun!

By E. L. Lancaster and Kenon D. Renfrow Piano Comb Bound Book Item: 00-14591
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This comprehensive approach to functional musicianship at the keyboard includes varied repertoire, theory, technique, sight-reading, harmonization from lead sheets, ear training and ensembles. Great for college non-music majors, continuing education classes, music dealer in-store programs and group piano classes at the middle and high school levels. Book 2 contains 15 units each with a variety of repertoire, exercises, unit review worksheets and an assignment page. The comb binding creates a lay-flat book that is perfect for study and performance.

Sample Pages


Unit 1: Major and Minor Five-Finger Patterns and Triads (Review)
Did You Know? Famous Pianists
Major Five-Finger Patterns
Minor Five-Finger Patterns
Triads (Chords)
Duet: Polka
Unit 2: Keys of C Major and A Minor
Did You Know? George Frideric Handel and Domenico Scarlatti
The C Major Scale
The C Major Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in C Major
The Key of A Minor (Relative of C Major)
The A Harmonic Minor Scale
The A Minor Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in A Minor
Go Down, Moses
Lead Sheet: Morning Has Broken
Unit 3: Keys of F Major and D Minor
Did You Know? Opera and Musical Theatre
The F Major Scale
The F Major Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in F Major
Auld Lang Syne
The Key of D Minor (Relative of F Major)
The D Minor Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in D Minor
Unit 4: 6/8 Time Signature
Did You Know? Franz Joseph Haydn
A New Time Signature (6/8)
Ensemble: Take Me Out to the Ball Game
Unit 5: Keys of G Major and E Minor
Did You Know? Symphony Orchestra
The G Major Scale
The G Major Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in G Major
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
The Key of E Minor (Relative of G Major)
The E Minor Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in E Minor
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Review Worksheet
Unit 6: Key of D Major
Did You Know? Ludwig van Beethoven
The D Major Scale
The D Major Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in D Major
Turkish March
Unit 7: Triads and Inversions
Did You Know? The Piano Sonata
Triads: First Inversion
Triads: Second Inversion
Triads: All Positions
Naming Triads and Inversions
Alberti Bass Accompaniment
Unit 8: Augmented and Diminished Triads
Did You Know? Franz Schubert
Augmented Chords
Playing Major and Augmented Chords
Diminished Chords
Playing Minor and Diminished Chords
Lead Sheet: Just a Closer Walk
Theme from Symphony No. 9
Eighth-Note Triplets
Unit 9: Sixteenth Notes
Did You Know? Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann
Sixteenth Notes
Theme from Rondo a Capriccio
Dotted Eighth Notes
Duet: Andante cantabile
Unit 10: Seventh Chords
Did You Know? Franz Liszt
Seventh Chords
Playing Seventh Chords
St. Louis Blues
Review Worksheet
Unit 11: Inversions of Seventh Chords
Did You Know? Sergei Rachmaninoff
Inversions of Seventh Chords
Sand Castles
Lead Sheet: Greensleeves
Unit 12: Syncopation and Ragtime
Did You Know? Ragtime and Scott Joplin
Syncopated Notes
Ragtime Dance
Unit 13: Key of B-flat Major
Did You Know? Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel
The B-flat Major Scale
The B-flat Major Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in B-flat Major
La Cucaracha
Ensemble: In the Good Old Summer Time
Unit 14: Key of G Minor
Did You Know? Jazz and Popular Music
The Key of G Minor (Relative of B-flat Major)
The G Minor Arpeggio
The Primary Chords in G Minor
In the Hall of the Mountain King
Lead Sheet: Scarborough Fair
Unit 15: Review
Did You Know? Music Technology
Just Struttin' Along
Review Worksheet
Supplementary Solo Repertoire
Ragtime Rondino
Hava Nagila
Silent Night
Piano Concerto No. 2
A Pleasant Morning
Menuet in G Major
Sonatina in C Major
The Entertainer
Prelude in C Major
Spinning Song
Appendix A: Teacher's Examples (Ear Training)
Appendix B: Scale and Arpeggio Fingering Charts
Appendix C: Glossary
Appendix D: List of Compositions

Additional Information

Author: Kenon D. Renfrow, E. L. Lancaster
Instrument: Piano
Format: Comb Bound Book
Page Count: 152
Item Number: 00-14591
ISBN 10: 0-7390-0257-0
ISBN 13: 978-0-7390-0257-5
UPC: 038081169910

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