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Quite often on the websites of large corporations there are spaces reserved for complimentary letters from customers. Music publishers are no different. We like to show off our successes just as much as Apple or General Electric.

Typically, the letters say something wonderful and upbeat about a product the company offers for sale. My dry clean, as an example, has photos of movie stars in the window that are supposedly personally autographed, saying great things about their cleaning service. The fact that all the handwriting is the same raises some doubts about their authenticity.

Be that as it may, here is a small sampling of letters of recommendation that Alfred Music has received regarding Alfred's Basic Piano Library. The letters are all true. Some grammatical corrections may have been made in a few.

Willard Palmer, Amanda Vick Lethco, and I worked very hard over a period of 10 years writing this method. We tested it with hundreds of students before publication. Obviously, we think it is an excellent piano course. If you have not tried it yet, I urge you to do so. If you are using it already, I thank you very much and hope you will continue to do so.

Morty Manus
Co-Author and Publisher


Kathy Brod, Piano Teacher

I have taught piano for many years and I only use books from  Alfred’s Basic Piano Library. I like your gradual approach. When I look back on the method I used as a student, I wonder how I ever learned to play. They threw so much new at me in the first lesson that my head started to spin and I wanted to give up. I have looked at other methods on the market and none compare to Alfred’s Basic. 

I also like the fact that I can start a beginner at any age and find a set of Alfred’s Basic books that I can use with them.  I have young students, teenagers and adults in my studio and they all do well with your books. The music is good and interesting. The theory is covered very adequately. My students have a theory test every year and they score very well. For a while, my students were the only ones receiving 100 percent.

I like the fact that you have software to go with the books. I use it in the studio while the student is waiting for his/her lesson and I use it to check out students when they are finishing a book to make sure they have all parts covered. 

Alfred’s Basic is especially good with beginners who are just learning their keys on the piano and their notes. I have also used it as a trouble-shooter when a student isn’t doing well to find out where they missed something. I have had many studios in other places where I’ve lived, but have been in my present location for 10 years and have 30 students.

Eva Winter, Piano Teacher

I have been using Alfred's materials for over twenty years. I use the Prep Course for students who have some level of difficulty with the Premier Piano Course Lesson 1A as beginners. I try to bridge the gap by using the Prep Course Level B book to make the learning problems easier for that particular student. I used the Alfred Basic Piano Course with all 3 of my own children (2 of them actually completed all 6 books) and my middle child just completed his Bachelors in Piano Performance and is now working on his Masters in Piano Performance!

In reviewing the All-in-One Course, I find that it is a very definite possibility for certain beginning level students. It is very straight forward and clear, combining the concepts, musical materials and skills of the Prep Course. I like it very much! Thank you!

Carol VanderVeen, Piano Teacher

I love your books!! Alfred's Basic Piano Course gives a good solid foundation in music!! It gives the student something to play right away and also gives them music that they can identify with.

Karen Nagle, Piano Teacher

I think Alfred's Basic is the best method out there. The material is offered in an easy-to-follow, logical manner that is easy for students to grasp. I have been using Alfred's materials for 24 years and have no intention of stopping. I would highly recommend to everyone. I have never had a student who was not successful with this method.

Mary Helen Harrison, Piano Teacher

I have used Alfred's Basic Piano Course 1A with many of my students over the 27 years that I've been teaching privately. The clever writing presented in this book has been very helpful for basic learning for beginning students. I love this material presented in this book!

E. M., Piano Teacher

Alfred's Basic Complete Course, Lesson Book 1 is perfect for older beginning children but I also like it for some of my beginning adults. Some of my adult beginners became overwhelmed with the "adult" books because they go so fast and most of my adult students are senior citizens or adults with full time jobs with limited practice time. This is a great alternative for them. I've used it with several beginning adults and they seem to really enjoy it.

Patricia Edison, Piano Teacher

Alfred's Basic Piano Library products are attractive with great colors!!! I like the progression of the lessons. The books hold up under constant use, the pages are easy to read with great illustrations......I love this product.

Mildred Borders, Piano Teacher

Alfred's Basic Piano Library publications are excellent for my students. Having so many choices is very helpful. There is so much variety with music from so many composers. Thank you for what you are doing for the students and teachers!

Angeline Racculia, Piano Teacher

I have used Alfred's Basic Piano Course, the Prep Course, the Complete Course, and Alfred's Basic Adult Course during the past 20 years. Although I tried other methods, I find yours to be the most efficient. Concepts are introduced in a very organized manner, and your books are very easy to build on. I use your method as the basis for study and then supplement according to the individual student's personal preferences.

Wendy Merrill, Piano Teacher

I have been teaching for over 20 years and I ALWAYS come back to Alfred's Basic Piano Library. Stick with Alfred's Basic!!! Best out there!!

Susan Gallagher, Piano Teacher

Over years of private piano teaching I have used just about every method available, and I find that I always return to Alfred's Basic Piano Library. I appreciate the choices that allow me to tailor my teaching to the specific student's age, ability, interest level, and history. Very fine method, with lots of variety! Thank you!

Dayna Hansen, Piano Teacher

Absolutely love your teaching methods and will continue to use them. I've been teaching 25 years and I'm always impressed by how easy it is to teach using your books and that you are always updating and improving them.

Jennifer Rau, Piano Teacher

Alfred's Basic Piano Library is the only method I use. It is the only one to teach intervals in a way kids understand. It also only introduces one concept at a time. Keep up the good work!

LaVonne Bickler, Piano Teacher

I just started a new little girl with Alfred's Basic Lesson 1A. It is set up so clearly and I believe that students do best in the Alfred's Basic series. I have transferred a number of students coming from other teachers to Alfred's Basic because they just learn at a better rate. So I have been blessed teaching with it. Thank you so very much! I just bought the Lesson, Fun, and Recital books, Levels 2 through 6, for my students who are progressing. Thank you!

Nancy Harper, Piano Teacher

I have used the Alfred's Basic piano books for many, many years. My students love the music they get to play!!! The supplemental books offered by Alfred are also great. Thank you for making my love of music easy to pass on to many children through many years.

Lisa May, Piano Teacher

I love, love, love the Alfred's Basic method books! The Lesson Books flow together well, not jumping from concept to concept, and this helps me tremendously! I also love the All-in-One books because almost everything is in one book, there isn't a huge expense for materials when starting piano, and the students can move along quickly in these books. Thanks so much for all of your materials¬--they've helped me be a much better teacher throughout the years!!

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