The Complete Blues Guitar Method: Beginning Blues Guitar (2nd Edition)
By David Hamburger
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Format: Book & DVD
Instrument: Guitar
Perfect for beginning blues and blues-rock guitarists, Beginning Blues Guitar is an introduction to basic blues theory, left-hand techniques, rhythm styles of Texas swing, slow blues, and minor blues---plus the styles of blues greats like Muddy Waters and Buddy Guy. Learn about call-and-response phrasing, intros, turnarounds, endings, and even improvisation. The second edition features new licks in the styles of some of the hottest contemporary blues artists, like Joe Bonamassa and Gary Clark, Jr., and includes brand-new video---hosted by expert educator and guitar virtuoso Jared Meeker---with exciting demonstrations of examples and techniques. Beginning Blues Guitar is the best step-by-step method for learning the substance and style of the blues.
Left-Hand Muting
The Major Scale
Reading a Chord Chart-Rhythmic Notation
Chapter 9-Practicing
Adding Minor Pentatonic Notes to the Major Pentatonic
Chord Hits
Expanding the Basic Scale Patterns
More Licks!
Basic Rhythm Vocabulary
Variations on the Shuffle Pattern
Stop Time
Boogie-Woogie in Open E
Chapter 4-Blues Scales
Texas Swing
Slow Blues
Minor Blues
Chapter 7-Intros, Turnarounds, and Endings
Buddy Guy-Rhythm Riffs
Basic 12-Bar Blues
Palm Muting
The Shuffle Pattern
Moveable Shuffle Patterns
Vary Your Sources
Major Pentatonic
Minor Pentatonic
Targeting Root Notes
Combining Call-and-Response with Root Targeting
Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs Together
Call-and-Response Phrasing
Riff-Style Soloing
Reverse Bends
Signature Licks
Chapter 6-Rhythm Guitar Styles
Muddy Waters-Vamps
Outside the Practice Room
Set Goals
Organize Your Time
Metronomes, Drum Machines, and Practice Recordings
About the Author
Chapter 1-Getting Started Half Steps, Whole Steps, and the Importance of Gravity
The Fretboard
Tuning Up
Key Signatures
Minor Scales
Relative Minor
Diatonic Harmony
Blues Harmony
Chapter 3-Basic Rhythm Guitar
Reading Scale Diagrams
Reading Roman Numerals
Chapter 2-Blues Theory
Chapter 8-Improvising
Alternating Major and Minor Pentatonic
Music Notation
Reading Tablature (TAB)
Reading Chord Diagrams
Adding Major Pentatonic Notes to the Minor Pentatonic
Chapter 5-Left-hand Techniques