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(93-DV10034001) | 2 DVDs | $24.95

100 Years of American Music from Behind the Drums (1865—1965)
Daniel Glass
The new Drum Channel DVD The Century Project is the culmination of a journey that began a dozen years ago, when Daniel Glass started researching the evolution of the drums and the way we play them. The DVD takes the viewer on a 100-year thrill ride, from 1865 at the end of the Civil War right up to 1965 and the dawn of the British Invasion. It shows how drums and pop music evolved hand-in-hand, and how, by 1965, the drumming blueprint that we still follow to this day had been cemented.

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(93-DV30030001) | 2 DVDs | $19.95

Daniel Glass
Daniel Glass and special guest John Aldridge bring the world of vintage drums to life, using eleven stunning kits that cover all the major American drum companies.

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