Strictly Strings

By James Kjelland, Jacquelyn Dillon and John OReilly

Strictly Strings introduces your students to ensemble playing right away. In about four months, they'll be playing "real" orchestra music in 3-part harmony, with enthusiasm and expression and with all four instruments playing on all four strings.

This tried-and-true method develops all players' abilities equally. Early simplified shifting allows low strings to play the real melody and entire scales with the rest of the group. This, along with the early introduction of extended hand position helps achieve balanced development between all instruments. As a result, all of your students will feel they are an important part of the group.

Book 1 utilizes a unique letter-note style of music notation that ensures a smooth transition from rote to note reading. Your students will develop a strong understanding of pitch and pulse and will quickly progress to staff notation.

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Book 1
Method Instruction
Book 2
Method Instruction
Book 3
Method Instruction
Strictly Classics Christmas & Chanukah Ensembles Pop Style Solos Performance Series
Strictly Classics Books 1
Christmas & Chanukah Ensembles Pop Style Solos
Performance Series
Ensemble Collection Ensemble Collection Solos for all instruments Performance Music

    Complete reference section in the back including:
  • Learning new clefs
  • Fun, yet challenging rhythm canon exercises
  • Musical string-crossing exercises
  • Complete glossary
  • Informative time line of composers and pieces used in the book
    Conforms with the National Standards for Arts Education by including:
  • Concise historical background information
  • Built-in theory exercises
  • Varied opportunities for improvisation and composition
  • Suitable for large-group and chamber-group settings or private instruction
    Teacher's Manual includes:
  • Excellent tips on teaching the technique exercises and musical excerpts
  • Fascinating historical background on composers and pieces