arranged by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: partners (gals on R)/trios. SSA: adapt choreo.
MEAS. 3 Turn back to back and freeze, add knee bend on tempo.
MEAS. 11 Downstage thumb out and over shoulder to partner.
  M12: open ds hand and drop.
  M13: turn to partner, point index in, leaning back (Vol. 1, 111).
  M14: lean in and reach to partner, almost holding hands.
  M15: step away w/fists on waist.
  M16: lift shoulders, then flat palms up and out (Vol. 2, 84).
  M18: slow turn away w/head leaning on outside fist (Vol. 1, 15).
MEAS. 19 Pulse in thinker pose 2X.
  M21: GALS R index above in and out (Vol. 2, 112-113) w/foot. GUYS: 2X lean ds w/secret (palm or index up) and back.
  M23: ALL hit thighs on rest, thumbs into chest, head nod 2X.
  M24: dip turn in w/clasped hands, drop down, R fist to waist, L fist to waist, head nod.
MEAS. 27 GALS: gentle shimmy R, L, R, L. GUYS: dip sway w/snaps R, L, R, L (Vol. 1, 86).
  M29: ALL turn to partners w/fists on waist, lean back.
  M30: magnetic pull to partner and reach in using vocal rhythm.
  M31: hit thighs on rest, both index point in, head nod 2X.
  M32: lean in w/ thumbs in to chest.
  M33: circle ds index up and around towards partner.
  M35: GALS turn in (Vol. 1, 115), kiss cheek, turn out and hold.
MEAS. 37 Freeze facing partner w/hands on their shoulders or waist.
  M38: both lean stage R w/guy pointing in, reverse (Vol. 1, 30).
  M39: as before thru M48.
MEAS. 49 Dip step t (out) to R, L, circle R (RLR touch out). Repeat L.
MEAS. 53 As before thru M55.
  M56: secret front w/index or palm on rest.
  M57: "sneak" towards partner using 5 steps.
  M58: on final piano note, Gal kisses guy on cheek.


SATB, Level 4....11332
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....11333
SSA, Level 3....11334
SoundTrax CD....3899
** Permanently Out of Print