by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men center or Men vs. women. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Clap 6X on beats 2 & 4 circling from low R over head to low L.
  M4: two claps above on beats 2 & 3.


MEAS. 5 ON VOCAL: point R index up (Vol. 2, 114), extending elbow on heaven. Drop w/hands on thighs and 2 head nods on Oh, yes! Do move when your part sings above.
MEAS. 11 All reach both up "touchdown" look, pray low, reach up again, clap low 2X.
MEAS. 13 ON VOCAL: roll arms low to high (Vol. 2, 124), head nods 2X.
  M19-20: repeat as before.


MEAS. 21 Reach both arms up to R (Vol. 2, 67 - odd rows) and pray in, repeat (opt. use double step t or single arms above). Repeat L.
MEAS. 25 Slowly point R index up, jazz hand on heavenly.
MEAS. 27 Reach both up center, pray low, reach up, clap in 2X.
MEAS. 29 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 33 Tilt clap to R, L, R, L.
MEAS. 35 Reach both up center, pray low, reach up, clap in 2X.
MEAS. 37 Repeat as before at Intro.


MEAS. 5 ON VOCAL: point R arm across to L (Vol. 2, 2), head nods 2X.
  M11: as before.
MEAS. 13 ON VOCAL: shake both hands and lean back (Vol. 1, 53), head nods 2X.
  M19: as before.


MEAS. 21 Repeat as before thru M40.
MEAS. 41 EVEN vs. ODD or R vs. L: reach clap high 2X and low 2X.
MEAS. 49 CHORUS as before thru M64.
MEAS. 65 Tilt claps R, L, R, then pop clap center (Vol. 1, 10) on say, explode open and drop to knees.
MEAS. 68 Low head nods 3X to match vocal rhythm. End w/clap and clasp above head on beats 2 & 3 (Vol. 2, 123).

SATB, Level 4....7899**
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....7900
2-Part, Level 2....7901
SoundTrax CD....3836
** Permanently Out of Print