by Jerry Estes
Positioning 2-Part: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Divide choir into 4 groups (rows or sections across stage), one group at a time reaches R high w/palm facing in, then open stance and salute w/L hand behind back (see men Vol. 2, 19).
MEAS. 5 All march in place (see women Vol. 2, 19) 8X.
  M9: turn to R diagonal and bring R jazz to mouth (Vol. 1, 67).
  M10: turn to L diagonal, snapping w/hands to L beats 3 & 4.
  M11-12: pound R fist into L palm 3X, fists to floor.
MEAS. 13 Turn to R diagonal placing R hand over heart (Vol. 2, 97).
  M15: PART II push R out to flag (Vol. 2, 98), then lift.
  M16: PART I push R out to flag and lift.
  M17: ALL face front and place R hand over heart again.
  M19: cross over heart w/L hand.
  M20: open both hands to front.
  M21: drop both hands.
MEAS. 22 PART I: turn to singers open stance w/hands behind back. PART II: march 4X, bring R fist into heart, open and pan to R.
MEAS. 26 PART I: march 4X, punching R fist up in air 3X on get ëem up and go, drop R fist. PART II: turn to singers open stance w/hands behind back.
MEAS. 30 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 39 PART I: march 4X, salute, push R up and drop.
  M43: march again 6X, both palms cross at chest. PART II: repeat as before, holding both hands crossed at chest on M46.
MEAS. 47 ALL open palms to front.
  M48: lift R up, lift L up.
  M50: salute front.
  M51: push R up then diagonal to flag on cut off w/palm up.


2-Part, Level 1.....17725
SoundTrax CD.....17726**
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