arranged by Saundra Berry Musser
Positioning: Parts separated in groups.
INTRO Low "boogie" walk w/snaps until vocals.
MEAS. 5 PART III: R shoulder up, L up, R down, L down. Add PART I and continue till M19.
MEAS. 13 PART II: "skeleton dance" - funny w/lose bones! ALL turn L w/R index point front on hear the word of the Lord and drop standing front.
MEAS. 21 Circle top half of body starting R w/R above eyes (Vol. 2, 86). Push R index up (Vol. 2, 114) on way up, shake R jazz above (Vol. 1, 63). Repeat on M25.
MEAS. 29 All low pray front. Lift clasped hands up on big wheel...
  M33: circle look as before, point up and shake.
MEAS. 37 PART III: circle top half of body 4X w/a pulse out to R every 2 measures. PART I and PART II: skeleton dance starting w/feet and legs.
  M45: ALL point out as before and drop front.
MEAS 47. As before w/Part I and II including hips and arms in dance.
MEAS. 55 Freeze straight till M56 - point down to R toe.
ON RESTS: Hold R ankle. Slide R leg out. Lift R knee. Hit thighs low. R hip throw R w/hands R. Unroll back. Lift R shoulder, Tilt head L. Big head nod front. All point out as before and drop front.
MEAS. 77 Shoulder move as at top w/head down till vocal. PART I: crazy skeleton dance till R index point. PART II: circle top half of body 3X, R index point. PART III: crazy skeleton dance till R index point.
MEAS. 85 All pray at chest. Shake both jazz up on Lord, (Vol. 2, 10), lean back. Final piano note: clasp above (Vol. 2, 123).
  OPTION: add "hula hoop" choreography w/a group of 3-5 singers starting at M37. Big circles w/hoops across top of stage, then move into single line front to back on risers - circle hoops in a wave from front to back and/or odd rows circle R vs. even rows circle L, etc.


3-Part, any combination....7734
SoundTrax Cassette....3705