by Sally K. Albrecht


Positioning: Men center (Tenors below).
MEAS. 2 Fold arms facing R (Vol. 1, 14) and pulse hands 4X, open arms up and drop to sides. Repeat to L.
MEAS. 10 Pan across R to L w/shaking palms face down (Vol. 2, 36). Look across L to R (Vol. 2, 86) w/R palm above eyes.
  M14: push R index up (Vol. 2, 114).
  M16: shake R jazz down and hit thigh or floor on ground.
MEAS. 18 Repeat as before. BASS: fold arms, hold looking up to heaven, head nod front on Oh yes, open and drop to sides. Repeat L.
MEAS. 34 SOLO: reach both up, fist and pull in, push both up from shoulders, flip palms up and reach for heaven. CHORUS: get low and reach a hand up to solo, fist and pull in, push both palms to solo, flip palms up and reach for heaven (stand up).
MEAS. 42 GALS: lunge pray to men (Vol. 1, 17), open palms and lift. GUYS: hold both palms out at shoulder height facing in ("preacher"), drop palms and look up.
MEAS. 46 Lift R palm to heaven (holding "tray"), fist and pull into heart.
MEAS. 50 Repeat as before. Soloist moves front.
MEAS. 70 CHORUS moves 2 steps into comforting clusters, then hold.
  M74: move again 2 steps, then hold.
MEAS. 78 All slowly look to R across river.
  M80: reach out to R, pulse 2X on will be, reach further on free.
  M82: stand and reach both way up (touchdown look) on just.
  M84: shake hands down and take 4 steps back to original spot.
MEAS. 86 Repeat as before. DESCANT: see BASS part above.
MEAS. 94 GALS: cower w/arms shielding head, then join Guys on look.
MEAS. 98 Push R index up, drop and L index up, drop and R index up.
  M104: slowly drop R index to front, turn into jazz shake front, pulling R shake into R shoulder on ground.
  M107: push R index up.
  M108: shake R jazz above. ON CUT OFF: open stance and look up (Vol. 1, 47).


SATB, Level 4.....16957
SSAB, Level 3.....16958