by Jerry Estes
Positioning: SATB or SBTA, 3-Part Mixed: Men Center or Men vs. Women, 2-Part: Part I vs. Part II
INTRO Bring R jazz hand up to shoulder (palm facing in).
  M2: flip jazz hand out and push it front towards audience.
  M3: using quarter note beat, R jazz up to R, low L, up R 2X.
  M4: push R jazz to R and lower down, turning to R diagonal.


MEAS. 5 In a wave from R to L, gather in w/R arm while turning to Ldiagonal and bringing R fist into heart.
  M7: sway downstage opening R palm to audience, then sway upstage bringing R fist into heart.
  M8: shake both jazz hands above to L side, low to high.
  M9: repeat opposite.


MEAS. 13 Step t to R pushing R jazz up to R, then step t to L w/R jazz over head to L. Repeat
  M15: 2X push both palms down R to earth w/R foot out, clasp in at chest w/R foot in, push both palms up to L w/L foot out.
  (Back Ups: palms down R, clasp front, palms up L.)
  M17: bring R fist into heart, cross L fist over.
  M19: R jazz up R, low L, up R 2X, push R and lower down.


MEAS. 21 Repeat as before.


MEAS. 29 Step t as before w/R palm above.
  M31: hit L palm w/R fist 2X, open palms front, pull fists to floor on prove. (Back Ups: hit L palm, palms front, fists down.)
  M33: repeat intro (R jazz up to shoulder, push out front, quarter note beat up R, down L, up R 2X, lower down).


MEAS. 37 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 46 On Vocal: slow step t R and reach R up front, step t L and bring R fist into heart. Add movement on vocal.
  M50: repeat using both hands, clasp in and lift, shake up 2X.
  M53: (opt. double step t R and L) drop R to R, drop L to L.
  M55: pan R w/R, bring R fist into heart on beat 4, repeat L.
  M57: step t pushing R jazz up, switch L up on final note.



SATB, Level 4.....17707
3-Part Mixed, Level 3.....17708
2-Part, Level 2.....17709**
SoundTrax Cassette.....17710
**Permanently Out of Print