ON DVD "Put On a Show!" #27433


UMA FAMÍLIA (We Are One Family)

by Jay Althouse


Positioning:    For SATB = STBA or STAB. For SAB = SBA. Part I vs. Part II.


INTRO             Touch R foot out, then step on it w/L arm pulse across. Repeat L. Repeat.


MEAS. 5        Push L hand w/palm up across body to R. Reach R over to grab neighbor’s

                        hand (see CMIM II, ex. 76-77). Nod head to R and front on family.

                        M9 - gently lift and lower held hands 2X. Unroll arms in wave across stage

                        from R to L or one row/section at a time (using half note beats).

                        ON REPEAT - repeat opp. (R hand across, wave from L to R.)

MEAS. 14      Pan R palm to R w/opt. step t R, repeat L and hold neighbor’s hand.

                        M16 - held hands lift in rows/groups 1, 2, 3, 4.

                        M18 - drop R palm from above w/opt. step t R, repeat L.

                        M20 - R palm out, L palm out, clasp front, clap up 2X using piano rhythm.

MEAS. 22      Repeat all as before.

MEAS. 31      Repeat as before - opt. flat palm across on tear down a wall...


MEAS. 39      With hands held above head, double step t to R and L (opt. rows 1 & 3 to

                        R, rows 2 & 4 to L.) Repeat opp. Repeat.

MEAS. 47      Keep step t going (opt. head turns - look away from direction you’re going).

                        End with opt. claps on beat 3 & 4 above head.


MEAS. 55      Intro R touch, step w/arm pulse across to R, L. Repeat.

                        M59 - repeat w/higher arm pulses.

MEAS. 63      Repeat as before.


MEAS. 71      Repeat as before on vocal. Touch step until you enter. Keep gentle lift and

                        lower going until 2nd set of voices is done.

MEAS. 79      Turn R placing both hands on neighbor’s shoulders in 4 rows/groups: 1, 2, 3,


                        M81 - repeat turning to L in 4 groups: 4, 3, 2, 1.

                        M83 - in a wave from stage L to R, lift arms while turning front, flip palms in

                        and lower.

                        M85 - repeat intro R touch, step w/arm pulse across. Repeat, getting higher

                        each time (3X total to R and L).

                        M91 - L hand across, grab neighbor’s w/R, look front, lift arms on final beat 4.




SATB, Level 4....20126

SAB, Level 3....20127

2-Part, Level 2....20128

SoundTrax CD....20129