by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse
Positioning: Straight lines top to bottom. Men center or staggered around.
INTRO R arm up above circling head w/palm up, L up making circle above (Vol. 2, 83).


MEAS. 5 IF SINGING: slowly pan R hand L to R w/palm up, reach R up, fist it and pull down. OTHERS: turn to singers.
  M9: reach both palms out to front (Vol. 1, 20), clasp out there.
  M11: bring clasp to chest, drop and turn stage R.


MEAS. 13 Starting w/1st person stage R, turn to L and offer R hand to neighbor - who takes it w/L hand and moves on (Vol. 2, 76-77). One per beat or per half note thru M19. All lift (Vol. 2, 78) gently, open and drop.


MEAS. 22 IF SINGING: R pan across again. OTHERS: turn and listen.
  M24: SINGERS pull R palm into heart, L palm into heart.
  M25: OTHERS cross both palms at heart L over R.
  M26: ALL L palm out to L w/palm up, then R to R into neighborís L hand, lift held hands and drop.


MEAS. 30 Repeat as before. M37: lift arms up and drop w/arms around neighborís shoulders.
REPEAT Sway or step t side to side gently 4X. M34: opt. alternate rows (Vol. 2, 65). GIRLSí TRIO: hold hands while walking forward, raise held hands and step t, drop, stop on one, repeat step t, lifting hands.
2nd ENDING Repeat as before at intro: R arm above, L arm above.
  M40: push circle up, then out to neighborís palms (Vol. 2, 104).
  M42: step t w/palms together, repeat.
  M44: stop feet and push up high (Vol. 2, 105).


SATB, Level 4....5824
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....5825**
2-Part, Level 2....5826**
SoundTrax Cassette....3887**
**Permanently Out of Print