from "The Mikado" by Gilbert & Sullivan
arranged by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Three groups: Sop., 2nd Sop., Alto.
Props: Fans. Try the Oriental Trading Co., Omaha, NE. 800-228-2269.
INTRO Head tilts to R, center, L, center. Repeat.
  M5: mime gossiping in groups, then freeze. Switch groups and freeze.
  M9: move into trios.
MEAS. 11 Freeze in trios looking front. M13: head tilts to R, L, R, L.
  M15: R palm up under chin, then flip R palm up and out.
  M17: freeze in trio looking front.
MEAS. 19-30 ON VOCAL: Big arm movement up and out, lower into giggle while getting fan ready.
  M31: all stand tall holding closed fan in front.
  M32: head tilts R, center, L, center, R and open fan front.


MEAS. 36 Wave fan front 4X on quarter note beat. Curtsy w/R foot behind and lower L ear down to L shoulder. Stand up.
  M40: step t to R while circling fan up, step t back and circle fan down.
  M42: fan goes double X while giggle L (cover mouth w/L).
  M43: fan is divider on R side of face w/L index at mouth.
  M45: push fan up above head, turned to front the long way.
  M47: step t to L and R and move fan above to L and down to R. Repeat.
  M51: in a wave from stage R to L, fan travels over head to L and covers face low front.
MEAS. 53-58 Peek above fan on vocal, then hide back down.
  M59: all peek. Slowly hide behind fan during rests.
MEAS. 63-68 ON VOCAL: hold fan to R of face the long way, then hide behind on rests.
  M69: all peek out to L.
  M71: all peek out to R, then circle fan up and over.


MEAS. 73 Repeat as before through step touches.
  M88: fan to L of face (held long way), R of face and end w/fan below face.


SSA, Level 3.....16267