(I'll Remember You)
by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Women (stage R) vs. Men (stage L) (opt. couples/trios). Treble voices: adapt choreo around chair(s) w/men from aud.
INTRO Use time to get to places w/wild dancing (jerk, swim, etc.)


MEAS. 5 GALS: fold arms facing R diag.& pulse down and up 2X. Vapors 4X leaning and looking L on Ah. Repeat pulse 2X. Lift both palms up to face on oo wee oo. GUYS: sway facing L w/shoulder down to R, L, R, L (Vol. 1, 85). Pan R across to gals w/palm up. Repeat (clasp into heart M12).
MEAS. 13 GALS: scoop R w/hands clasped, scoop L. Hold low to L, vapors 4X leaning back. GUYS: R elbow on neighborís shoulder. Cross R foot over and look down. Uncross R and face forward w/hands clasped at heart. Lean and look R at gals.
VERSE 2 Same as VERSE 1 until GUYS M15 - L palm flat out w/R cross.
  M17: uncross, both palms flat out (Vol. 2, 84), lean R w/clasp.
  M22: GALS lift L up and throw a kiss. Guys react and collapse!
MEAS. 24 GALS: point R index over head to L(Vol. 2, 113), flat R palm out over head, lower R palm while hip motor is running! Hands into chest on Iím, point both index over to L on you. Swing hips R, swing hips L, circle to R, lasso 4X over head w/crazy hips. GUYS: lift head to listen, drop as if in heaven, listen again. Raise up a bit, a bit more, a bit more, then run in place.
MEAS. 34 GALS: R diag. fold arms and pulse 4X. GUYS: repeat sway as before, R pan, both clasp into heart.
  M38: ALL jump low to center. GUYS: lift R muscle on Eve.
  M42: GALS: lift up w/vapors, down to look, lift palms to face. GUYS: comb hair to R (Vol. 2, 90), lift L muscle, comb hair to L.
MEAS. 48 Repeat as before. GALS add head nods 2X to front.
MEAS. 56 Repeat as before. GALS open and drop then lift both on see. GUYS: stand up on M62, then lift both.
MEAS. 64 GALS: R diag. fold arms and pulse 4X, jump low to men, up w/ hands to face, jump low to men. GUYS: sway as before, R pan, both clasp into heart and freeze. Jump low to gals on just and hold.
MEAS. 74 GALS: pan R to R, L to L, R to R, L to L w/lift and throw a kiss. GUYS: sway facing R to L, R, L double sway to turn. Repeat to L, repeat to R, end on L knee w/arms to gals.


SATB, Level 4.....16952**

2-Part/SSA, Level 2.....16954**

SAB, Level 3.......16953**

SoundTrax Cassette.....17016**

** Permanently Out of Print