arranged by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: trios or couples OR men vs. women. Part I vs. II.
INTRO Travel time. If there, bend knees and snap down on beats 2 & 4.
  M4: turn back to back w/crossed arms on beat 3 (Vol. 1, 66).
MEAS. 5 NOTE: move on rest before your vocal. Lean forward w/downstage palm out.
  M6: lean forward and grab w/downstage hand.
  M7: slowly turn in, crunch down and "break" fists at heart.
  M9: flat palms out at shoulders (Vol. 2, 84), then clap L into
  R palm (opt. bring L knee up and tilt head R).
  M10: repeat opp. On love make a big scoop w/clasped hands towards center, up then out ("heart-shaped"), end w/arms crossed at chest, back to back.
MEAS. 13 Lean front w/hands on chest to laugh, others then cry front.
  M15: lift palms facing front, then sway R and L.
  M17: repeat as before.
MEAS. 21 IF RESTING: hold crossed arms w/knee bend. IF SINGING: lean forward w/2 fingers held up on R hand, pop clap on world (Vol. 2, 5-6), lean outside elbow on neighborís shoulder (Vol. 1, 76). Hold while other group sings - opt. pulse.
  M25: lean outside elbow on neighborís shoulder, shake head down to ground sadly.
  M27: ALL jump low w/hands on knees, then lift arms to crossed
  position, turning out back to back.
MEAS. 29 Feel money w/both hands low to high.
  M30: slap L palm w/R palm.
  M31: bring R jazz hand up to forehead. Then as before.
MEAS. 37 Bend knees and snap down 4X, lift jazz hands up into trumpet.
  M40: play trumpet front (Vol. 2, 8) and fall. Then as before.


MEAS. 46 Scoop as before.
  M48: finger digs like wild in the air on vocal (Vol. 2, 116).
  M49: clasp front on rest, then sway R, L, R, L on love.
  M52: hold low, then lift R palm up on love, throwing kiss up to R on final piano note.


SATB, Level 4....7777
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....7778
2-Part, Level 2....7779
SoundTrax CD....3825
The SoundPax is no longer in print.