arranged by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men center. Part I vs. Part II. Add baseball stuff: caps, T-shirts, banners, pennants, pom poms, gloves, etc.
INTRO Mime lots of activity, cheering for team, eating, flirting, etc.
MEAS. 9 Lean to R w/fists on waist (Vol. 2, 66), lean L.
MEAS.17 OOís - lean to others, LYRICS: R index up (Vol. 2, 111).
  M21: all R index way up (Vol. 2, 114), open and drop palm.
MEAS. 25 Hooking elbows, sway R to L (opt. alternate rows Vol. 2, 64).
MEAS. 41 R fist in air on beat 1 of each measure 4X.
  M45: hold nose w/L, R thumb down on shame.
MEAS. 49 Swing R arms up w/fingers counting 3X, then R thumb over R shoulder on out. Open R palm and drop R.
MEAS. 55 Turn to R diag: fists in front 2X w/hips back, trade, repeat. Jump to L and repeat 2X.
MEAS. 59 Hold "bat" over R shoulder, hit on ball, lift circled arms up above head (Vol. 2, 83) on dome. SINGERS: eat 4X, thumbs to chest, feel $$$ w/both low to high. IF RESTING: watch action.
MEAS. 67 All cheer: R fist over to L shoulder, to R shoulder, up, to R shoulder again (Vol. 2, 117-120), secret front w/R palm up to L side of mouth.
  M71: palms out and up and shoulders (Vol. 2, 84), lift, R index to L shoulder then out to R (Vol. 2, 40 see men), open and drop. Repeat fists and hips R and L as before.
MEAS. 78 IF RESTING: watch action low. IF SINGING: grab bat, hit, shake hands to aud. (Vol. 2, 36) and lower. Lift both hands to R making screen w/palms out and thumbs near each other, bring face into screen and move face.
MEAS. 86 Cheer as before. Palms front, cross and out (Vol. 2, 93-94). Count w/R hand above as before, R thumb over, palm open and drop. Punch both fists up 3X on One more time! (Vol. 2, 73).
MEAS. 95 Hold bat, hit, crowd look, eat 4X, lean forward w/thumbs in, lean back crossing palms out 3X.
MEAS. 103 Cheer w/both arms (Vol. 2, 121), hold nose w/L, R thumb down.
  M107: count up w/R as before but swing body low to back of stage in between each number. R thumb over.
MEAS. 111 Clap to R Low and High, repeat. Repeat to L. Stadium "wave" across from R to L on game. Intake of breath, cheer and freeze excited pose.


SATB, Level 4,....7637

SAB, Level 3....7638

TB, Level 3....21828

2-Part, Level 2....7639

SoundTrax Cassette....3721