arr. by H. Jarolde Harris II


Four rows:Tenor I front row or back row, organize other voices by row or area. Men may stand or sit cross legged. If seated, hit floor w/palms instead of stomp.


Stomp R foot out and in, out and in.
All clap front - hold L palm in front and circle clap R hand clockwise. M5: 1st row circle clap 4X, then sweep clap across R to L 4x (others repeat circle claps). Add 2nd row. Add 3rd row. M7: add 4th row.
Hit thighs with both. Holding L palm in front of face - use R palm to hit: L elbow, back of L palm, and L elbow. "Uh, uh, uh, uh" - fold arms front hitting elbows three times, lift to hit back of palms together, then hit elbows again. Rhythm: 1, 2, 3 and 4. M11: repeat thigh hit, then hold R palm up and hit w/L as above. M12: "canoe" w/both hands to R and to L (half notes). M13: repeat as before at M9, freezing final elbow hit. M14: on vocal, "listen" w/R at ear and L open palm out. M15: (flip flop) listen w/L and look R w/R palm out, then back to listen w/R. M16: flip flop 4X - turn head to look at open palm R, L, R, L. M17: "canoe" R and L.
MEAS. 18
Gather in w/ R scooping hand in front 2X, repeat w/L. M20: hit thighs, fold arms and hit elbows twice, back of palms, elbows (1, 2, 3 and 4). Repeat. M22: 1st Tenors hit shoulders, cross hit shoulders, hit shoulders, clap hands together over R shoulder, slowly raise L palm up over head and drop to L. Others: repeat scooping hand, etc. as above. M25: all stomp and lean R on beat 1. M26: R palm hits R thigh 2X, L shoulder, then flat palm up to R. M27: R palm hits R thigh, L shoulder, then flat palm push up to R twice. M28-29: slowly push R palm out and drop.
MEAS. 30
Circle handclaps as before. Two rows sweep clap across. Others join M35. M36: stomp R foot out and in, out and in.
MEAS. 38
Repeat as before thru M58. M39: lift R palm up in front, join L into "songbook" front. On re vocal, listen pose w/R at ear and L palm out, pushing out slowly(opt. shake/shimmer hand). On final uh, stomp R w/R hand on knee.
TTBB, Level 3...16336