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Staging Suggestions

ON DVD "Step By Step" #27431


by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse


Mixed Voices: S/T vs. A/B, Men center or Men vs. Women.


2-Part: Part I vs. Part II.


Assign Group 1 vs. Group 2 - can be stage R vs. L or top rows vs. bottom rows.



Group 2 boogie low and look at Group 1.


Group 1 bring R fist into L shoulder, L fist into R shoulder, then explode up, open and drop (use piano rhythm).


Group 2 repeat fist move while Group 1 boogie low.


M3: all repeat fist move together.


M4: step t to R, swinging R arm front (Vol. 1, 91), repeat L.


M5: Group 1 repeat as before while Group 2 repeat step t.


M6: Group 2 repeat as before while Group 1 boogies low.




IF RESTING: step t facing R to R, L, R, L.


IF SINGING: step t R and L 2X facing front while lifting R palm up, fist it and pull back in.


M9: repeat as above, switching parts.


M11: all pan R (palm up) w/double step t to R, repeat L w/L.


M13: flip L hand over to hold neighbor's R palm, look front on special.


M14: on piano rhythm, rock step back on R, up on L, out on R while crunching L side in, then out on L - on last 2 moves, cross and open arms in front. (opt.: if no room for footwork, hit thighs R, L, clap front then arms open front.)



MEAS. 16

Facing R, tap R toe out then crunch in 2X (use opp. arm front), repeat to L.


M17: pan R w/palm up (Vol. 1, 79) from L to R.


M18: snap 4X up, across to L, down, out to R (like a clock).


M19: repeat toes out and in R 2X, then L 2X.


M20: push R jazz up over head (Vol. 1, 47), then add L jazz up over head (Vol. 1, 27).


M22: fist R above, then fist L above (Vol. 2, 121 - groups 3 & 4), drop down to shoulders on way, rock to R and L (eighth note beat).


M23: Group 2 rock R and L using quarter note beat. Otherwise repeat as Intro (Group 1, Group 2, all step t, then M14.)



MEAS. 27

Repeat as before, but walk forward slightly and lift both hands, fist both and circle back in towards chest.


M33: as before, but lift hands up on stronger.


M34: rock step or thigh hits as before.




MEAS. 35

Repeat as before thru M42.


M43 - move into small clusters.

MEAS. 45

Freeze in small groups. Reach out, fist and pull in.


M48: look at others, move head using piano accents 2X, look front on Through, use index finger to sew a common thread.


M51: hold onto friends on you.


M52: using piano rhythms, move back to original spot.



MEAS. 54

Repeat as before, but add handclaps at hip level on M54-55 and M58-59.


M61: Boogie low till singing, then do Intro move.


M63: all do Intro move (note rhythm). M64: add open stance.


M65: using piano rhythm, rock R back, L out w/R side crunching in, R out. End with hands out at different levels, depending on place on stage (front rows hands lower, top rows hands up high.)


SATB, Level 4....18700

SAB, Level 3....18701

2-Part, Level 2....18702

SoundTrax CD....18703, SoundPax...18704

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