ON VIDEO "Put On a Show!" #27433



by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse


Positioning:    Vocal parts together or mixed. Opt. straight lines (CMIM II, ex. 101-104),

                        matching up line 1 with line 2, 3 with 4, etc. as partners.

                        Solo(s) may be downstage center or downstage R.


INTRO             You may wish to start with singers scattered about stage/auditorium and

                        moving up to stage area on risers during opening solo. If all are on stage, then

                        dip turn into solo(s) on M3 and freeze. Solo(s) may act out lyric.


MEAS. 13      Straight lines turn front, one line at a time. If all in place, sing facing front.

                        M17 - on vocal, reach R w/R palm down. M19 - all lift turn fist and pull down

                        on skies.


MEAS. 13      LINES - lift R palm up to R, then L to L - match neighbor’s palm, lift, lower.

                        M25 - match upstage palms, downstage palms, push up, lift downstage

                        elbow up and over head, move hand over head and turn body front, match

                        neighbor’s palm, drop slowly.

                        ROWS - R palm up and front, repeat L to touch fingertips, lift, open and drop.

                        M25 - lift R palm up to R, then L to L - match neighbor’s palm, lift, drop slowly.


MEAS. 34      Slowly look across in an arch from low R to low L.

                        M38 - on vocal, reach both front. Clasp and lift on together, drop.


MEAS. 42      Repeat as before. All drop palms on beat 2, meas. 49.

MEAS. 50      LINES - repeat as before, moving on own vocal line OR move out into a

                        "snake line" all over stage (see CMIM II, ex. 33) shoulder to shoulder.

                        M54 - hold hands low with neighbors, make a wall by on one of next 13

                        quarter notes in a wave from center or a wave from two sides of stage towards center. 

                        ROWS - repeat as before, moving on own vocal line.

MEAS. 58      Drop hands slowly.

                        M60 - turn to face final solo(s).

                        M64 - turn head front. On hand slowly reach downstage hand towards

                        audience, giving a little lift on final piano chord.



SATB, Level 4....4742

3-Part Mixed, Level 3....4743

SSA, Level 3....20074

2-Part, Level 2....4744

SoundTrax CD....20075