by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: trios, extra gals across top, adapt choreo.
MEAS. 1 MEN: comb hair to R (Vol. 2, 90), to L w/L, center w/both (Vol. 2, 91) while circling hips. Point R up on look, fist to R hip. GALS: R gal feels his R arm muscle, L gal feels L arm muscle. Both gals lean back w/vapors 4X, lean in, faint.


MEAS. 5 Men react to gals: gal on R cuddles, gal on L shows stars up L, both gals frame the moon high in front of him.
  M8: man flails arms out - girls react back, then rush to him.
  M9: R cuddles in, L taps on shoulder and turns him to her, R taps on shoulder and turns him back to her.
  M11: into dance pose (L gal behind guy - both facing R). Long dance over the top and back on m12.


MEAS. 5 Gals circle man (R gal in front first, then switch) - flirty!
  M7: hold hands and step t, then swing held hands up and back.
  M9: repeat as before.
MEAS. 15 MEN: shivers down and up, repeat. M17: turn to R gal, hold hands and scoop in and out. GALS: major shivers, gal on L react to man picking R gal.
MEAS. 19 R gal and guy look forward while L gal stomps behind and inserts herself between their held hands.
  M21: man gently picks up L gal and puts her back to L.
  M22: both gals mime bow and arrow pull and shoot on Day! while man leans back in fear, react when shot!
MEAS. 23 Repeat as before through M30.
MEAS. 31 Throw ds arm out to audience on go.
  M32: pull arms into dance position and hold.
MEAS. 33 R gal walks under his R arms to other side while L gal walks around behind him getting to R side and dance pose w/man on beat 4. Long dance with her.
  M35: repeat walk thru w/other gal, dance pose w/original R
  gal on rest.
MEAS. 37 Long dance, pull clasped arms back 2X on Wo wo with one final long dance on final wo. Slide ds leg out and lunge towards audience.


SATB, Level 4....5798
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....5799
SSA, Level 3....5800
SoundTrax CD....3877
** Permanently Out of Print