ON DVD "In the Spotlight!" #27432

arranged by Sally K. Albrecht


Mixed Voices - Guys vs. Gals, Part I vs. Part II


Both arms lift, then snap down on beats 2 & 4 w/knee bends.


Push both flat palms down from shoulders on each word sit,

then unroll body. Start to R, then to L, then to center.

On final staccato sit, cross palms in front, then out on down.

M11: stomp and punch fists to floor R, then L.

M12: take a walk to the R (R, L, R), stop front crossing palms

out in front on Canít. Then take a walk to the L (L, R, L, R

(ball), L (change) - see piano rhythm.)


MEAS. 16

Point both index fingers over to the R, both jazz shake at face

on Lord, then push flat palms down from shoulders 3X.

Repeat to L. Repeat to Center. (If resting, lean back w/arms

crossed - opt. pulse.)

M22: jump low w/hands on thighs.

M23: quick look to R and L on beats 1 and 2.

M24: walk to R as before, stop, walk to L.


MEAS. 28

Point both index fingers over to the L 2X, then pull both jazz

hands back to the face. Repeat to L. Repeat to Center.(If

resting, lean back w/arms crossed.)

M34: - jump low, quick looks, walk as before. Solo moves up.

MEAS. 40

SOLO - reach R out to R while others low to solo.

M42: all reach R out to R, shake R jazz back over shoulder.

M44: repeat w/L to L.

M47: stomp and punch fists to floor L, then R.

M48: snaps w/knee bends like intro (opt. walk as before).

MEAS. 52

Repeat pushes from shoulders as before.

MEAS. 63

Do as before to match own vocal.

DESCANT: push R jazz (opt. - use index finger) up and over

from R shoulder, repeat L, repeat w/both from center and push


M69: ALL jump low, quick looks, snaps like intro (opt. walk).

MEAS. 75

Repeat pushes as before. M81: stomp/fists R, L.

M82: jump low w/quick looks. M83: snaps, but push front.

M85: w/fists on waist look R and L, push both jazz down from

shoulders then quickly roll body back up.

3-Part Mixed, Level 3....19288
2-part, Level 2....19289
SoundTrax CD....19290