by Jerry Estes
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men center. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Tilt body to R w/palms above facing in (Vol. 2, 67), pray in at chest level (piano rhythm accents), switch sides, Repeat. (Opt. - use alternate rows R and L).


MEAS. 5 Palms facing in above head ("touchdown" pose), close above head (Vol. 2, 22 or 123) w/bent knees and open.
  M7: lower into pray pose front on joice.
  M8: lift prayer hands up to forehead level.
  M9: repeat as before, drop into pray pose on joy, then same as Intro. Repeat same on repeat.
MEAS. 16 OH: lunge pray to the outsides w/lunge 2X (Vol. 1, 17), lift palms up (Vol. 2, 88) and drop down on silent. MELODY: pulse R fist at heart 2X, lift and lower R palm on silent.
  M20: ALL straighten front, clasp way out front on music, pull into chest and cross fists on soul, dropping head down.
MEAS. 24 Lift head and flip crossed arms above on We will rejoice, flash open and slowly drop to sides.
  M28: point long R index to L (Vol. 2, 2), point L to R, stand front w/both thumbs in.
  M31: circle clap low to high using piano rhythm.
  M32: pop clap, clasp front on beat 4.


MEAS. 33 Repeat as before
MEAS. 33 Repeat as before DESCANT: slowly lift both arms up, then pray in and open up again on Deo, slowly close to pray up above and drop.
  M37: lift again, pray in and open up, lower and pray on joy. Join Intro move on 2nd ending.
MEAS. 44 Reach R palm across to L. If singing Deo, then pray in and reach out again, then lift R all the way up.
  M45-46: if singing Sing Jubilate, then reach L palm across to R.
MEAS. 47 All "touchdown" look above on rest, pray above and lower M49.
MEAS. 50 Repeat as before. End w/pray above and focus up.


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....4796
2-Part, Level 2....4797
SoundTrax CD....3871