by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: men center or outsides OR men vs. women. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO R palm front, L palm front into pray. Circle clap 3X low to high using piano rhythm, pop clap (Vol. 1, 10).
MEAS. 5 Step t R and L, then lift R palm up and out to side, lift L palm up to match neighborís palm (Vol. 2, 104).
  M9: repeat step t, then lift palms again - L first, then R.
MEAS. 13 R fist at chest, L fist cross over on firm, hold.
  M15: lunge to R, reaching R palm out to R, then L palm reach to R, hold.
  M17: straighten into songbook, L palm first, then R, hold.
  M19: using piano rhythms, circle clap 3X, then pop clap.
MEAS. 21 Repeat as before on vocal line.
MEAS. 29 Pop clap 2X, let fall.
  M31: lunge to L and reach L out to L, then R out to L, hold.
  M33: straighten into songbook, R palm first, then L, hold.
  M35: repeat circle claps and pop clap.
MEAS. 37 Pray lunge to R w/pulse 4X (Vol. 1, 17), repeat 2X L.
  M43: lift R palm out facing in w/look R, repeat to L.
  M45: slowly lift palms, clasp above on M47, then lower.
MEAS. 49 IF RESTING: hold pray low. IF SINGING: lift pray, open above, close and drop (use knees).
  M57: on vocal, lift R hand w/palm facing in and look R. Repeat L, clasp and lower.
MEAS. 60 Repeat as Intro.
MEAS. 64 Repeat as before through M87.
  M88: bring hands center into clasp on m89.
  M90: push palms out to match neighborís palms.
  M92: push up, ending w/open stance, looking up.


SATB, Level 4....11349
SAB, Level 3....11350
2-Part, Level 2....11351