by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Circle claps 4X match piano rhythm, then R palm circles out to R side.
  M3: repeat circle claps, then L palm circle out to L.
MEAS. 5 PART II: lunge towards Part I w/pray pose or holding songbook, bend on beat 1 of each measure. PART I: double step touch to R holding songbook front. Lift hands up slightly to R on bounding.
  M7: repeat to L, lift up slightly to L on sounding.
  M9: push R palm up above head w/step touch to R (Vol. 2, 1).
  M10: repeat L.
  M11: clasp above head (Vol. 1, 18).
  M12: pull clasp down.
MEAS. 13 All lunge pray to R and L (Vol. 1, 17) or lunge holding songbook.
MEAS. 15 PART I: lunge towards Part II w/pray pose or songbook. PART II: reach R palm out to R, pull in front of body.
  M17: repeat w/L, pull into songbook front.
  M19: push R palm up w/step touch to R, repeat L, clasp above and lower.
MEAS. 23 Repeat as before during Intro.
MEAS. 27 Repeat as before, doing own movement to match lyric.
  M36: lunge to R, lunge to L.
MEAS. 37 Lunge over to R w/R jazz hand at mouth, straighten back up.
  M38: repeat w/L to L and up.
  M39: circle claps front 4X on rhythm, circle R palm out.
  M41: repeat as before, but circle L palm out and lift on high.
MEAS. 46 PART I: freeze w/songbook, lift to R. Repeat w/lift to L. PART II: hold songbook front, lift up on sfz and open. Repeat.
  M50: all repeat as before, descant move forward.
MEAS. 54 Repeat as before. DESCANT: circle clap 4X, circle R palm out. Repeat opp.
MEAS. 58 All repeat as before.
  M60: close to clasp above, drop down.
  M62: circle claps match piano rhythm low to high - 3 sets. End w/pop clap into low songbook. (Opt. - add lunge to sides or center.)


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