arr. by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: couples/trios OR men center. Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Move into clusters of sad folk. If there, snaps w/knee bends.
MEAS. 5 R elbow on neighborís L shoulder (Vol. 1, 76). Feel $$$ w/R.
  M7: L elbow on neighborís R shoulder. Shrug shoulders.
  M9: walk to small groups OR roll arms low to high (Vol. 1, 83).
  M10: shake both jazz at mouth while leaning forward. M11: back to back w/arms crossed: half up, down up VS. half down, up, down.
MEAS. 13 On vocal: "no" palms from center to outside, scoop look L (Vol. 2, 86). M15: palms up and out (Vol. 2, 84), scoop look L.
MEAS. 17 Turn L w/palms up at shoulders - back and over, repeat.
  M19: as before.
MEAS. 21 IF SINGING: R fist over L lift up "umbrella," flip R hand out to feel rain while head tilts L. Lower 4X. OTHERS low.
MEAS. 25 IF SINGING: become best friends in a "family Kodak moment." OTHERS low.
  M27: palms out, in on rest, out again (opt. mirror w/R foot).
MEAS. 29 Roll arms R to L 3X, punch out w/R on beat 4, pull R palm to forehead on parted. Scoop into friends for family picture.
MEAS. 33 Roll arms low to high 4X, shake jazz at face, then as before.
MEAS. 37 Easy sway w/arms behind back, then as before.
MEAS. 45 Repeat as before through M52.
MEAS. 53 Repeat as before OR move into kickline formation downstage.
MEAS. 57 IF SINGING: roll arms 4X, shake jazz at face. OTHERS low.
MEAS. 59 IF SINGING: turn L w/palms at shoulders - back and over, repeat. OTHERS low.
MEAS. 61 Hook up for kickline: R palm to R facing out, then L palm to L facing back and clasping hand thatís there (Vol. 1, 72-73). NOTE: if on risers, R arm swings up and behind, repeat L.
MEAS. 63 Step R, kick L across. Step L, kick R across. Step R, kick L, ball change, kick. Repeat starting L. NOTE: if on risers, sway side to side w/even rows R first, odd rows L first.
MEAS. 67 Starting stage R, place R elbow on neighborís L shoulder WAVE across stage from R to L on side. Head nod front on final piano note (opt. R thumb up!)


SATB, Level 4....4738
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....4739
2-Part, Level 2....4740
SoundTrax CD....3858