ON DVD "Showtime!" #27434


by Jay Althouse


Mixed voices: men center or top, or men vs. women. Part I vs. Part II.


Vaudeville "wiper" sway R,L, R, L - low, medium, medium high, high.
MEAS. 9/1 IF RESTING (or Oh's): bounce low (opt. look at singers) IF SINGING: Thumbs in, then R palm up to R on sing, L palm up to L on dance. Opera pose front, R palm up, L palm up. M17: L palm flat out, hit w/R, then both flat out. ALL: every time you sing showtime, give a big show pose (front rows low, middle rows medium, high rows do something high, etc.) All throw a kiss (opt. R people throw one R, L to L, center w/both hands to center.)
MEAS. 9/2 Hold L palm out as "paper," scan it twice w/R index. Hold lapels, drop R palm to R, L to L. M17: opera pose, drop R palm, L palm. ALL - showtime! Drop low to front, stand raising R palm up and out to R, throw kiss.
MEAS. 35 R index to R, L thumb into L shoulder, slowly proud into center holding lapels. Nod front on part, nod to friend on m42.
MEAS. 43 Stand tall front, listen up to R w/R to ear, tall front, L index up to L, dramatic swing L hand to front into big clasp scoop with friends.
MEAS. 51 IF RESTING: (or oh's): bounce low (opt. look at singers) IF SINGING: low vaudeville "wiper" sway R, L, R, L, then flash R jazz R, flash L jazz L. M55: repeat as above when singing. M59: repeat as above when singing. ALL: showtime!, drop low front, raise R palm up and out R, throw kiss.
MEAS. 71 Hold low to the R, switch to L, then clap low to high.
MEAS. 79 Clap down front and stand tall, punch both fists up and down 2X on lots of hurrahs! M83: hold low center, clap center then palms flat front and lift on on with the show!
MEAS. 87 All "wiper" sway R, L, R, L, wave hello w/R. Repeat L.
MEAS. 95 IF RESTING: hold low. IF SINGING: opera pose w/heel pops, drop R palm out, L palm out. M99: repeat as above when singing.
MEAS. 103 ALL hold opera pose front. Scoop sing to R w/R at mouth, next group L, next group center. Showtime! pose, drop low, back up on accents R, L.
MEAS. 116 Zap both jazz hands to floor down R, lift and shake up and in. Repeat L.
MEAS. 124 Zap both center and lift leading w/elbows, flip palms up on M128, then jazz hands way up above on M30. M132: low "wiper" sway, med. sway, high sway, clap and out for final pose.

SAB, Level 3...21134
2-Part, Level 2...21135
SoundTrax CD...21136