ON DVD "Put On a Show!" #27433



by Jay Althouse


Positioning:    Mixed - men center or men vs. women. Part I vs. Part II. Opt. hats for all - or

                        mime holding hat. Opt. flowers (roses) for guys. Separate choir into 4                        sections/groups. They may be across stage R to L or 4 rows. On "kick-line"

                        section, feel free to mix up staging - front row w/hand hook-up and back riser

                        rows with shoulder hook-up.


INTRO             Dip turning R, pop clap over R shoulder in 4 groups: 1, 2, 3, 4.

                        M5 - dip turning L, pop clap over L shoulder in 4 groups: 4, 3, 2, 1.

                        M9 - dip turning front.

                        M11 - jazz hands high R, L; low R, L, repeat 3X OR one group at a time joins in.

                        M17 - snap front R, L, R, L, clap 2X front.


MEAS. 19      Hold low (opt. bounce) or hold "hat" (opt. bounce) if resting.

                        Singers: R jazz hand circles in a flash R w/lunge R, pan L palm across to L,

                        hold "hat" w/R.

                        M23 - circle "hat" out and around, back to head OR thumbs into chest, circle R

                        around to mime putting hat on.

MEAS. 27      Singers: R jazz hand circles in a flash R w/lunge R, pop clap over L shoulder.

                        Repeat as above.

MEAS. 38      Hat out to audience and back onto head in 4 groups - add on. Hold out on

                        set. Onto head on to. Shift weight R, L, R, L (opt. box step).

MEAS. 43      All stand tall. M45 - R jazz flash in 4 groups 1, 2, 3, 4. Stand tall, pop clap

                        over L shoulder in 4 groups, 4, 3, 2, 1. Hold hat, circle and on.


MEAS. 55      Hold opera pose (clasped hands front) to outside, scoop in, wiper sway R,

                        L, R, L (others freeze low).

MEAS. 63      Lower flat R hand, pull out "rose" in L, throw to audience (others freeze low).


MEAS. 71      As before, but all do staging together thru M104.

                        M105 - R hand up and around neighbor’s shoulder, repeat L (CMIM II, ex.

                        65) OR R palm out to R, L palm out to L to hold hand that’s there - actually

                        person 2 away from you (CMIM I, ex. 72-75). Swivel hips 3X on half notes.

MEAS. 109    IF shoulder hook-up, sway slow to R, L, R, quick L and R. Repeat opp.

                        Repeat. IF hand hook-up, face R and step R, kick L, step L, kick R, step R,

                        kick L, low walk to L 2 steps (L & R). Repeat facing L. Repeat.

MEAS. 117    Repeat as before thru M132.

MEAS. 133    All hold hat (or thumbs in). All jazz hands high R, L, low R, L. Repeat.

                        M41 - using piano rhythm, zap both jazz hands out to audience 4X, ending

                        with hat hold w/R.



SATB, Level 4....20177

3-Part Mixed, Level 3....20178

2-Part, Level 2....20179

SoundTrax CD....20180