ON DVD "Showtime!" #27434


by Jay Althouse


Mixed voices: men center or top, or men vs. women. Part I vs. Part II.


Reach R hand up over head, clap in. Repeat. Repeat 2X w/L. Repeat w/R, then L, reach both hands out, clap in, reach both hands up, clap in.
MEAS. 5 Pull R jazz hand in at mouth 2X while leaning R, lean back shaking R jazz up and in . Point both index fingers across 4X from R to L. M10: repeat to L.
MEAS. 13 Repeat to front using both hands, reach out and clap in 4X low to high. M17: reach R up over head, clap in, repeat L, reach both out, clap in, reach both up, clap in, point across 4X from R to L. Repeat INTRO.
MEAS. 5 Repeat "shouts" as before, then point high 4X across.
MEAS. 22 IF RESTING: lean in or lean back from singers w/gentle boogie. IF SINGING: R arm circle pan, low reach and clap to R, L, R, L. M26: repeat as above, switching parts.
MEAS. 30 Shout 4X to R w/R hand at mouth, repeat to L w/L hand. M34: repeat reaches and claps as before, all do single or double circle pan.
MEAS. 38 Repeat "shouts" as before, then reach out and clap in 4X across. M52: pan both palms out, lift up.
MEAS. 54 Facing stage R, both jazz hands are up at mouth, then down near hips (opt. clap on the way down and on the way back up, also opt. add foot tap out and back.) Do this 4X. Repeat to L. Repeat front.
MEAS. 66 R above, clap, L above, clap, both out, clap, both up, clap. Repeat. MEAS. 70 Repeat. Clap low R, L, R, L. M74: reach out and clap in 4X low to high. M76: hold arms up and out on rest, clap in on lu and put arms up again on jah!

3-Part, Level 3...21132
2-Part, Level 2...21133
SoundTrax CD...21134