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Staging Suggestions

ON DVD "Step By Step" #27431


by Jay Althouse


In sections (I vs. III vs. II OR I vs. II).



Clap on beats 2 & 4 from low to high on R side (Vol. 1, 23) 4X.


M3: clap on beats 2, 3, 4, and 1 from high to low (Vol. 1, 24) on L side. Punch R in air on beat 2 (Vol. 2, 119) accent dotted half.



Pulse R fist in at heart 4X on the beat while leaning forward. Low till vocal, then shimmer R jazz hand at mouth (Vol. 1, 67).


M9: slowly push L index up to sky (Vol. 2, 114 - L index).


M11: on vocal shimmer L jazz at mouth.

MEAS. 13

Cross palms out w/palms down low (Vol.1, 7), flip palms up and lean back (Vol. 2, 84), then flip them over again, roll arms 2X to front (Vol. 2, 124) on race is won.


M17: pulse R fist at heart 4X.


M18-19: shimmer both hands up at mouth on vocal.


M21: repeat Intro.

MEAS. 25

IF RESTING: turn to singers and lean in on this verse.


IF SINGING: pulse both fists in at heart 4X w/elbows out.


M27-28: as before w/R jazz up to mouth.


M29: point L index across 4X from R to L (Vol. 2, 108 w/L).


M31-32: as before w/L jazz up to mouth.

MEAS. 33

ON LYRIC: R index up to sky, cross palms out low on don't ever rest, flip them up and lean back on pass the test.


M37: all pulse both fists in at heart 4X, then both shimmer at mouth on vocal.


M41: repeat Intro, but end with both hands snap high 2X.

MEAS. 45

IF RESTING: turn to singers and lean in.


IF SINGING: push flat L hand across to R (Vol. 2, 34), then opp.


M47: bring both fistsinto chest, open and drop on shout.


M49: R index above head plus R toe go R, L (Vol. 2, 112-113) 3X then hit head and drop on M52.

MEAS. 53

IF SINGING: bring R fist in towards L shoulder, then L fist in, bring both forward from chest, open and drop on out.


M57: point both index out, cross hands and open jazz front.


M59: slowly lift R hand up, drop, then L hand up. Drop M66 on beat 3.

MEAS. 67

Arms out, clap in w/knee bends, reach hands high on own out.


M71: repeat claps, then repeat all as before.

MEAS. 79

Lean forward w/R fist at heart on vocal, lean back on rest.


M83: all forward w/R fist, then pan open to R, R punch up 3X. Clap and arms out, reach up on own vocal Shout it out.


M89: clap high to low on L side 4X as before.


M90: R fist punch up 2X, switch to L fist up on final note.

3-Part, Level 3....18636, 2-Part, Level 2....18637

SoundTrax CD....18638

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