ON DVD "In the Spotlight!" #27432

by Lois Brownsey and Marti Lunn Lantz


Part I vs. Part II


Clap above head on beat 3 (piano accent in Right Hand) 4X.



Place rounded hands out front and bounce 2X ("Santa" look).

M6: place flat L palm out to L, hit it with the R palm.

M7: circle R fist in the air 2X (like Arsenio Hall).

M8: step t to R, clapping above, repeat to L.

M9-12: repeat as above (M5-8).

M13: stomp R foot out to R 2X, bring center and clap above,

repeat L, R then L.


MEAS. 17

PART I: long L point across from R to L (Part II is low watching).

M19: sway hips low R, L, R, L (then low to watch Part II).

M21: PART II long R point across from L to R, sway hips low L,

R, L, R.

MEAS. 25

Lean front, lean back while flashing hands out at face.

M27: repeat leans front, back w/both thumbs up.

M29: push both flat hands above head 4X (half notes), then

3X ("heís no fool" rhythm).

M32: hit own thighs 3X OR high 10ís with a neighbor 3X.


MEAS. 33

Repeat as before.


MEAS. 45

Repeat as before.

MEAS. 53

Lean front, lean back while flashing hands out at face.

M55: repeat leans front, back w/R hand above eyes.

M57: repeat pushes above as before.

M60: single thigh hit or high 10 to neighbor.

Counter line

MEAS. 61

PART II: hold low with small body pulse.

PART I: shy sway w/hands behind back to R and L.

M63: fold hands under face and tilt head R, L, R, L. Repeat.

CHORUS/Counter line

MEAS. 69

PART I repeat as above 2X while PART II repeats as before.

MEAS. 77

Stomp claps R, L. Opt- bring a funky danciní Santa on stage.

M79: "Santa" pose 4X (opt. circle body). Repeat 2X, making

"Santa" a bit bigger each time.

M87: "Santa" pose freezes front.

M88: push both flat hands above head 2X and hold.

2-Part, Level 1....19181
SoundTrax CD....19282