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ON DVD "Step By Step" #27431

S.A.N.T.A. (Disco Santa)

by Lois Brownsey and Marti Lunn Lantz



Part I vs. Part II. Props: opt. giant letters and/or letter sweaters, Rudolph antlers and red nose.


Select a "waiting" pose (Vol.1,15 or 31) with head not front.




Turn head front on vocal, then bounce looking away in pose.


M7: repeat.


M9: sing front, then lean away and look at "Rudolph," repeat.

MEAS. 13

Hold low front (Vol. 2, 52), then heavy fever w/R hand to forehead 4X (Vol. 2, 21). Repeat low, fever w/L 4X.


M17: low front, then roll arms low to high 4X (Vol. 2, 124).


M19-21: punch R fist up 4X to R on lyric (Vol. 2, 119), punch R fist low and across 4X to L if holding note. Stand tall on M22.



MEAS. 23

S = S-curve w/R curved above and L curved front (Vol. 1,101).


A = Fingertips together above head (Vol. 2, 123 w/fingertips).


N = R palm points down while L palm points up, tilt to L side.


T = "time out" sign front OR fists to chest w/elbows to sides.


M26: roll arms high to low 4X.


M27: facing R diag, bring fists front 2X, back 2X. Repeat.


M29: jump and repeat facing L side.

MEAS. 31

Repeat letters as before, then roll arms high to low 4X.


M35: swing arms R, L, then circle R. M36: L, R, then circle L.


M37: on vocal- fists front 2X, on rest - fists behind 2X.


M38: roll arms low to high 4X.


M39: "Saturday Night Fever" disco move w/R index up to R 2X, down to L 2x, then singles up, down, up, down. Repeat.



MEAS. 43

Face center. Forward w/move when singing, back on rests.


M43-44: head nods 2X.


M45-46: slap inside hand w/palm of other.


M47-48: thumbs up.


M49-50: shake hot hands high to low.


M51-52: face front, on vocal: circle arms above and belly below.


M53-54: point both index over head to outside toe tapping.


M55-56: swing arms as before R, L, circle R (echo L, R, circle L)


M57: punch R fist as before (up R on lyric, down L on hold).


M61: repeat as before thru M 74.

MEAS. 75

Fists front on vocal, back on rest. M77: all fists front and back.


M78: roll arms low to high, then disco move 2 up and 2 down.


M80: roll arms low to high, then spell out letters.


M81: end w/disco move down to L and up to R.


2-Part, Level 2....18596, SoundTrax CD....18597

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