by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Part I vs. Part II. "SANTA" downstage area. Props (opt.): lists, Santa decorated area w/chair, phones, letters, baskets, giant bag filled w/light bulky items (i.e. balloons, foam, bubble or newspaper).
INTRO Set scene: Santa w/"kid" on knee, choir working on lists.
MEAS. 5 Show lists to aud., then funky walk 4X making "Santa line" on stage. Attach self to next person while waiting and tap ds foot. All slow look to Santa hiding lists.
  M12: Santa calls next kid over, choir reacts front on beat 4.
MEAS. 13 R hand to face in surprise, L hand to face. M15: lean back with flat hands out to side (Vol. 2, 84). M16: lean to Santa, who stands and moves center. Some kids go to comfort him.


MEAS. 21 Step R, t L out behind while reaching both hands R, repeat L, then repeat R, t L back, up and back (arms out, in, clap out).
  M23: repeat opp. M25: facing center, PART I leans back w/"bag" over R shoulder, then leans to PART II. PART II leans to PART I, then leans back w/"bag" over L shoulder (mime "bag").
  M27: R index up (Vol. 2, 111). M28: hold bag R, tire run, clap.
MEAS. 29 Repeat as before through M32.
  M33: facing center, repeat leans but cross palms at chest R, L.
  M35: ALL pull "bag" from floor 3X, then throw on back.
  M37: throw arms up placing R foot over L and turn (Vol. 2, 98) lowering arms. M38: freeze low front.
DANCE BREAK Fists cross and open front w/R foot lunge out and in. Punch fists up and down and "& 4" (Vol. 2, 4). M40: low step t to L, run R, L, R on "3 & 4." M41: repeat opp.
MEAS. 43 PART I: cluster into phone group, "Egyptian" R 2X, L 2X (Vol. 2, 89). PART II: do "Egyptian" R 2X, L 2X, then cluster of writers.
  M47: ALL stamp letter and pass it out 2X to R, low to solo.
MEAS. 51 PART II pass basket(s) while PART I low.
  M52: PART II knock 4X R to L w/R fist while PART II low.
  M53: funky walk back to places, then low to solo.
  M57: write address, smack R fist into L palm.
CHORUS As before, but give Santa new full bag. He celebrates & dances!
CODA DANCE BREAK as before at M39.
  M63: walk into cluster around Santa center.
  M64: freeze in pose.
  M65: fun R, L, L as before while clapping 3X. End w/R fist up or final pose to Santa.

2-Part, Level 2....11396
SoundTrax CD....11870