by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Mixed voices: Guys center. Part I vs Part II.
INTRO Turn R: arms boogie front 2X and back 2X (hips are opposite!), repeat. Jump to face L and repeat, then "tire run" front.


MEAS. 5 IF RESTING: boogie in and out from singers. IF SINGING: sleep to R, wake on rock 'n' roll.
  M7: ALL reach R up and over head, clap, reach L, clap, then R, clap, R (opt. touch foot out). M9: look to R w/R hand above (Vol. 2, 86) 4X, repeat L 4X. M11: ALL reaches as before.
MEAS. 13 IF RESTING: freeze low to singers. IF SINGING: look up w/R above eyes, push R index up (Vol. 2, 114), freeze there.
  M15: look up w/R above eyes, push R index up.
  M17: push R jazz over to R (opt. step R ball change).
  M18: push L jazz over to L (opt. step L ball change).
  M19: ALL reach above w/R, L, then tire run.


MEAS. 21 Punch R fist up on rockin' when you sing it (Vol. 2, 119) 2X.
  M22: singers circle R fist above 4X, others boogie low.
  M23: stand tall, punch both fists up on rockin'.
  M24: lower jazz hands while swinging hips R, L, R, L.
MEAS. 25 Repeat as before (opt. use L fist).
MEAS. 29 IF RESTING: freeze low to singers. IF SINGING: palms flat out to sides (Vol. 2, 84), cover both ears to R on beat 4. Repeat on M30 to L. M31: swing hips low R, L, R, L (Vol. 1, 86), then shake head forward and back.
  M33: R fist punch up as before. Continue punches and hips! Drop R index finger over top on yeah!
  1st ENDING:IF RESTING: boogie in and out, R index over top on yeah! IF SINGING: punch both up, lower jazz and swing hips. Punch both up on rockin'. M38: ALL tire run.
VERSE 2 IF RESTING: as before.
MEAS. 5 IF SINGING: double step touch to R w/elbows out and in 2X. Repeat to L. M7: ALL reaches as before (opt. antler hands).
  M9: double step touch R and L, reaches as before (antlers?).
MEAS. 13 IF SINGING: clasp arms above and bump w/neighbors.
  M15: point R and L, repeat. IF RESTING: freeze low. M17: as before. M18: play guitar over and back to L. M19: as before.
MEAS. 21-59 Repeat as before, matching vocal line.
MEAS. 60 Tire run, end w/R fist up and L fist at shoulder (Vol. 2, 127).


3-Part Mixed, Level 3....11594

2-Part/SSA, Level 2....11595

SoundTrax CD....12286