by Jay Althouse
Positioning: Mixed voices: Gals R, Guys L. Adapt for treble Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Handclaps: keep small at chest level w/heel pops.
  M11: end w/final crazy dancin' pose. M12: dance like mad!
MEAS. 5 Mime cruisin' in a car or two (Vol. 1, 68). M9-10: "get out" of the car, react w/surprise on rock. Shake hands to center dance floor.
MEAS. 13 NOTE: GALS do gal characters, GUYS do guys. SALLY: pony R and L w/wrists above. DUKE: muscles to L. JOHNNY: duck walk w/guitar. SURFER: mime surfing. LEADER: ride motorcycle. PEGGY SUE: cute curtsy.
  M19: ALL hold face center, shake hands up.
MEAS. 21 PAULA: pony w/flip hands R and L. LOUIS: hitchhike L 4X. ALL: hold outside palm out like "stop" sign, then cry 4X to outside. M25: swing hips R and L, repeat. M27: monkey 8X.
MEAS. 29 GALS: flirt with men, hot hands at shoulders on fun's - lift 3rd. Low look center. M33: R hand to L shoulder, L to R shoulder, shimmy down and up, low center. GUYS: low look center. M31: cross arms facing L, reach center w/R on still the one, low center. M35: palms up and out at sides (Vol. 2, 84), then snap up w/both 4X.
MEAS. 37 Repeat as before (opt. add line dance center).
MEAS. 53 GALS: bounce low center, lean back w/hands to face on say, low again. M57: throw palms center. Step and scuff R and L on walkin', center. R jazz shake high on hold, shake both on woo. GUYS: grapevine R and L. M54: swing hips to R, hips to L, circle to the R. Low to center. M59: push R jazz up, shake on hold, shake both on woo.
MEAS. 64 Repeat as before, but add claps when not doing male/female moves (opt. - introduce each character, they move to front line).
MEAS. 76 Swing hips as before only when singing (Gals, Guys, Both).
  M82: all lift arms. Low on rest. R fist up on final piano note. (Opt. "characters" should have appropriate final poses.)
SATB, Level 4....7995**
3-Part Mixed, Level 3....7996
2-Part/SSA, Level 2, 7997
SoundTrax CD....3850
**Permanently Out of Print