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Staging Suggestions


by Donald Moore


Women vs. Men (SATB or SAB) or Men center (Sop/Men/Alto).



Reach R jazz hand above (Vol. 2, 4 w/jazz hand), clap in, then both jazz hands out (Vol.1, 53), clap in. Repeat L.


M3: R up, clap, L up, clap, then clap up, up, in (piano rhythm).




IF RESTING: throughout, pulse shoulder to singers (Vol. 1, 52).


IF SINGING: R arm circle pan (Vol. 1, 80-81), L arm circle pan, double arm circle pan.


M11: 2nd half of IntroŚR up, clap, L up, clap, clap up, up, in.



MEAS. 13

IF RESTING: pulse shoulder to singers.


IF SINGING: swing trumpet up to R and L (Vol. 2, 8).


M15: gather audience in w/both hands low to high.


M16: point R index up to heaven (Vol. 2, 114).


M17: shake R index across R to L (Vol. 2, 108) 8X (4 stops -- shake index 2X in each location).


M19: 2nd half of Intro.



MEAS. 21

Shoulder pulse if Oo, circle pans R, L and double if lyrics.


M27: 2nd half of Intro.



MEAS. 29

VOCAL: point R index up to heaven, then point over head to


shoes down to the left 2X w/L toe tap.


M31: 1st half of IntroŚR over, clap, both out, clap, repeat L.


M33: shake R index across 8X as before R to L.


M35: 2nd half of Intro.



MEAS. 37

MELODY: repeat as before w/circle pans.


BACK UPS: turn to singers, lifting outside hand on rest, then reach w/palm down towards singers on Ride. Flip palm back and pull back across shoulders on early in the mornin'.


M43: 2nd half of Intro.

MEAS. 45

R circle pan on vocals - others pulse shoulder in.


M47: L circle pan on vocals. M49: all double circle pan.


M51: 2nd half of Intro.

MEAS. 53

VOCAL: smaller 2nd half of Intro - others pulse shoulder in.


M55: 1st half of Intro.


M57: If singing Lord, shake both jazz hands high then lower. If singing Early in the mornin', 2nd half of Intro.


LAST NOTE: hands up to heaven up R (Vol. 1, 11).


SATB, Level 4....18621, SAB, Level 3....18622, TTB, Level 3....18623

SoundTrax CD....18624, SoundPax....18625

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