arranged by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Mixed voices: Men center or Men vs. Women. 2-Part: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Divide the choir into 4 groups (by row or across stage R to L). Using half note beat, pray lunge to R (Vol. 1, 17) in 4 groups.
  M3: circle prayer clasp around from R to L (wave from R to L).
MEAS. 5 IF RESTING: hold pray low (opt. pulse). IF SINGING: R arm circle pan (Vol. 1, 80-81), repeat L.
  M9: lift flat palms up (Vol. 2, 84), flip both above to R.
  M11: reach both up, pray in, reach up, pray in.
  M13: ALL repeat intro.
MEAS. 17 IF RESTING: hold pray low (opt. pulse). IF SINGING: low dip sway R and L, repeat.
  M19: push both palms up from shoulders (Vol. 1, 53), lean back and over. Repeat.
MEAS. 25 SOLO: point R index out, flat palms to side, point L index out.
  BACK UPS: lean back from solo, lean in w/head nods, 3X.
  M31: ALL low w/hands on thighs, stand up slowly.
MEAS. 33 Repeat, doing own part as before.
  M41: repeat intro as before.
MEAS. 45 IF SINGING: put outside hand above eyes and pan from center to outside (Vol. 2, 86). IF RESTING: low and look at singers.
  M47: counterline - R jazz up to shoulder, L jazz up, push up and fall (others repeat as before).
  M49: IF SINGING both jazz above to R, L, R, L (others low).
  M51: all push jazz hands up from shoulders, back and over.
MEAS. 53 Repeat as before if same vocal. HIGH PART: R jazz above to R, L, R, L. L jazz above to R, L, R, L. Both jazz above to R, L, R, L. Reach, pray in, reach, pray in.
MEAS.61 SINGERS lift flap palms up, flip both above to R (others watch).
  M63: push R index finger down to L, lift up L side and end up way up to R (Vol. 2, 114). Join w/L index (Vol. 2, 115) on my.
  M65: shake both jazz hands above (Vol. 2, 10). Final chord: open stance (opt. clasp pray above or in).


3-Part Mixed, Level 3.....17665
2-Part, Level 2.....17666
SoundTrax CD.....17667