by Sally K. Albrecht
Positioning: Part I vs. Part II.
INTRO Face front, thigh hits low, claps high as indicated in octavo.
MEAS. 5 Long point w/L index over head from R to L.
  M7: lean forward w/fists on waist.
  M8: 3 head nods.
MEAS. 9 Funky cross arms and open 2X, leaning back.
  M11: thumbs in on we, R index point up 3X (Vol. 2, 114).
MEAS. 13 Hits and claps as before to R, L, then center.
MEAS. 19 Introduce 4 reindeer stage R, then 4 stage L (others low).
MEAS. 23 All lean low front (Vol. 2, 52), then lean away from Rudolph (Vol. 1, 46).
  M27: as before to R, L, then center.
MEAS. 33 SOLO points up, all others look up while leaning away.
  M35: all slow, tedious pull w/both arms from R.
MEAS. 37 Arms pulse fatter in front using half note beat.
  M39: low to solo who tells secret.
MEAS. 41 Make goggles w/hands on snowmobile, hold handlebars for cycle.
  M43: PART I low, PART II talk to each other.
MEAS. 45 Funky cross arms 2X, leaning back. Both thumbs in and lean forward on we're, all pull from R 3X on pull his sleigh.
MEAS. 49 Repeat as before.
MEAS. 55 PART I: explain front, then low. PART II: low, then explain front (opt. walk forward and back)
MEAS. 59 Palms flat out to sides (Vol. 2, 84), then R index up 3X.
  M61: palms flat again, then point both front 3X.
MEAS. 63 PART I: sleep to R and freeze. PART II: low, then both thumbs in 4X.
MEAS. 67 ALL slip and slide w/crazy arms.
  M69: mime slicing own throat (opt. choke neighbor!).
  M70: both index up 3X (Vol. 2, 115).
MEAS. 71 Repeat as before to R, L, R, L.
MEAS. 79 Center thigh hits and claps. End w/hot hands shaking front.


2-Part, Level 2....7746
SoundTrax CD....3800