by George M. Cohan, arranged by Don Besig and Nancy Price
Positioning: Part I vs. Part II. (Opt. use top hats - or mime using them - and/or white or colored gloves)
INTRO Divide singers into 4 groups. Using whole note beat, turn to face L holding front of "hat rim" w/R.
  M5: using whole note beat, drop hat towards aud., shaking L jazz hand at eye level.

PART I (or unis.)

MEAS. 9 Heel pops 4X while holding lapel (Vol. 2, 134 see Guys).
  M13: scoop to R w/clasped hands (Vol. 1, 17), scoop L.
MEAS. 17 Pop clap over R (Vol. 1, 10), pop clap L on spotlights.
  M21: cross palms front then open (Vol. 2, 93-94) 2X.
  M23: push palms down to floor.
MEAS. 25 Repeat as before from M9-16.
MEAS. 33 Low vaudeville sway (Vol. 1, 87) R, L, R, L.
  M35: on rest, turn L w/L jazz hand at face and R palm out.
  M37: punch R fists across, pan L to R w/R palm up on long.

PART II (or unis.)

MEAS. 41 Place R fist on heart while facing L diagonal.
  M43: pan R hand from L to R over top w/palm facing out.
  M45-48: repeat w/L.
MEAS. 49 Place hands on thighs and nod head 4X from R to L.
  M53: stand tall w/both thumbs at chest, drop palms on there.
MEAS. 57 Bounce low 8X w/R index to mouth.
  M61: vaudeville sway R and L 4X.
MEAS. 65 Place R fist on heart, pan across as before.
  M69: both thumbs in, palms drop on long.
MEAS. 73 ALL hit hit R thigh, L thigh, clap, hands out w/palms up and freeze.
MEAS. 75 PART I: turn center holding "bag" over downstage shoulder.
  M77: PART II turn center holding bag.
  M79: on rest, all low w/chin on hands.
  M81: face L holding front of hat rim w/R.
  M83: 4 groups lower hat and shake L jazz as before.
MEAS. 87 All repeat as before, matching vocal line through M114.
  M115: both thumbs in at chest w/sway R, L 4X.
  M119: drop palms front on long.
MEAS. 121 Face L holding hat. M123: 4 groups lower hat and shake L jazz.
  M125: step t (opt. low kick) R, L, R, L (opt. hat up and on).
  M128: facing L, hat in and out to aud.


2-Part, Level 2....11554
SoundTrax CD....12280