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Staging Suggestions


ON DVD "Step By Step" #27431


Cohan/arranged by Sally K. Albrecht



Men center. Part I vs. Part II. Place flag downstage R.


"Yankee Doodle Boy"


Stand tall w/focus up center.


M3: salute w/R (Vol. 2, 19-see men).


M5: push R arm up slowly till high Bb (Vol. 2, 1), then salute in and drop down.


M9: using piano rhythm, heel pops w/arms behind (Vol. 2, 128).

MEAS. 13

Continue heel pops but lean to R, straighten, repeat L.


M21: both thumbs to chest, then point front w/R (Vol. 2, 110).

MEAS. 25

Bounce low 8X (Vol. 2, 52). Continue bounce 4X holding reins front, then bounce holding reins 4X to L.


M33: ride horse facing L w/R arm circle thigh hits using LH piano rhythm, repeat OR lasso R arm above.

MEAS. 41

IF RESTING: throughout this section, face melody & lean back, then join in on lyric with movement.


IF SINGING: march in place (Vol. 2, 19-see women).


M49: salute front, then ALL point front w/R.


M53: baby rock (Vol. 2, 87) R and L, repeat (back ups join R,L).

MEAS. 57

IF SINGING: scoop fists front (back ups join). M61: get kazoos.

MEAS. 65

Hold kazoos front w/heel pops on piano rhythm.


M74: stand tall front and put kazoos away.


M79: ride horse to L as before (thigh hit or lasso).

"You're a Grand Old Flag"

MEAS. 83

Face R diagonal w/R hand over heart (Vol. 2, 97).


M87: push R out towards flag (Vol. 2, 98).


M91-97: Open stance facing singers, singers salute front.

MEAS. 99

March in place w/R fist up and down 4X.


M103: turn to L diag. w/arms flat down to floor (Vol. 1, 7). Switch facing R diag. on brag.


M107: scoop in to a group of friends (Vol. 2, 13 or 26).


M111: face R diag. w/R hand over heart, push out to flag.

MEAS. 115

Bounce low to solo sneaking kazoo out.

MEAS. 123

March in place, playing kazoos like band instruments.


M131: bounce low to solo.


M139: march w/mimed instruments or cymbal crashes.


Repeat as before


Scoop to friends. M149: scoop to new group of friends.


M153: face R diag. w/R hand over heart, push out to flag.


M159: salute.


M160: bend knees on yes, then R out to flag on sir.


3-Part....18651, 2-Part....18652

SoundTrax CD....18653, Concert Band Accompaniment....18801

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